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Beautiful, low-maintenance floors that people will provide you amazing look and a myriad of aesthetic options. If the concrete is damaged or showing signs of weakness so, you can transform your old concrete floors with floor polishing in Melbourne service, which will give you a new lease of life, making them look like freshly laid new concrete floors.

In fact,  choosing to have Concrete floor polishing itself is the best way to contribute to the environment because concrete has been made by not harming any living organisms.

We at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne company delivering the highest-quality floor polishing and sanding services workmanship, and our mission to get it all right the first time.

Read on, factors that professionals are considering before polishing the floor:

(1) Determine the hardness:

The first thing our professional will do is determine if they will polish the concrete floor’s hardness. This may be your most effective way to effectively figure out the hardness of concrete, using a scratch test kit based on the respective mineral hardness’s Mohs scale.

It works by scratching the concrete surface, and scratch testing make it easy to determine where the concrete floor polishing is, which will help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective tooling for the job. 

(2) Cracks and spaces:

Static cracks are hair cracks that only affect the concrete surface. Therefore, another factor in fixing concrete before polishing is to look at the surface as close as possible to a flawless one.

A uniform, flawless patch is not guaranteed, however, there are different forms of repair that can be used for different forms of damage as much as possible to get closer to the concrete match.

(3) Repair visible damage:

New or existing floors are likely to show damage due to poor treatment, neglect or poor placement techniques.

For coating, the damage needs to be repaired. However, floor polishing in Melbourne is a procedure that does not require any topical treatment that can mask the repair.

In other words, the repair must be mixed with the colour and polish of the concrete, or the repair will be invisible.

(4) Clean the concrete floor:

For concrete floor polishing, our expert team will do a little cleaning before you start polishing, if you notice any oil stains, you want to remove them beforehand.

They will use eco-friendly products to remove light or small oil dirt and stains from concrete.

(5) Choose the right device and tooling: 

When it comes to polishing hard concrete, our professional expertise will use advanced tools and equipment to ensure that there is no unnecessary wear that you can burn quickly through your tooling as help with a finish. 

Final Words,

Well, Floor Polishing in Melbourne is an ideal option for structures that need to meet your aesthetic demands and wear tightly.

At Total Floor Sanding and Polishing at Melbourne Company, we have an experienced team of professionals committed to providing high-quality concrete floor polishing service, which sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more!