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Timber floors are indeed a great investment for most homeowners but cleaning them is something that has a lot of myths linked with it. Right from the Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, the homeowners are obsessed with finding the right way to clean the timber floors, and this is when they come across these myths that they believe to be true.

Apart from getting the Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne from a professional (which is indeed the most effective way to keep the timber floors good as new for a long time), be aware of these myths when you’re cleaning the floor by yourself. 

Myth 1: Only Vacuum Is Enough To Keep The Floors Clean

Vacuums with rough bristles or a beater rug attachment, in particular, can harm the sealant layer on the floor. For daily cleaning, a microfiber dust mop or a light broom would suffice. This is one of the most crucial, yet often forgotten, stages in preventing scratches on your floor.

Myth 2: You Can Use Any Cleaner To Clean The Timber Floors

Certain cleaners are recommended by floor makers for a purpose. Using the wrong sort of soap on your floor can damage it or make it look less appealing. Cleaning options for hardwood, tile and other types of flooring are available on the market.

Even if you have a unique material, such as cork, the household goods business has a solution for you. For the best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Myth 3: Steam Cleaners Are Good For The Timber Floors

We’ve all heard hawkers at home shows and on TV boasting that steam cleaners are excellent for disinfecting and cleaning wood floors. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, are listed as a no-no in many hardwood flooring manufacturers’ hardwood cleaning instructions, and using one will void the guarantee. Using a steam cleaning on a regular basis can cause peeling, bleaching, or a hazy finish.

Myth 4: You Cannot Go Wrong With Cleaning The Hardwood Floor With Water And Vinegar

Sure, distilled white vinegar is a low-cost, non-toxic cleaning powerhouse for a variety of tasks around the house. However, despite much disagreement, it is not the best option for hardwood floors. It’s acidic. Vinegar’s acetic acid can eat away at or etch the polyurethane finish, making your once-shiny flooring appear dull over time.

Myth 5: Wet Mob Would Reduce The Dirt Build Up On The Timber Floor

Isn’t it true that when in doubt, you should just use water? Water and wood don’t mix, according to one of the most basic rules of housekeeping. Standing water penetrates into the wood, especially if the floors aren’t properly sealed. Wet hardwood, on the other hand, can swell, warp, crack, and splinter.

Similarly, simply mopping with water will not prevent dirt accumulation. It might also leave a dirty appearance.

Apart from all this, it is great for the floors to choose the professional Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne service on a regular basis.