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Are you going to renovate your home? And having a little confusion about which floor is better for your home – whether it is engineering floor or timber floor. Then you should know things connected with the engineering wood and Timber floor Installation Services Melbourne.      

When you are comparing engineering wood flooring with other floorings, then you should know its usage and budget. Do you know something about both wood manufacturing? If your answer is no, then let’s start with some concise guide about both the wood flooring.   

Introduction Of The Engineered Wood Floor:

Engineering wood flooring is built with approx 3 to 12 various ply layers which are put on each other on the bottom to top order direction, and Floor Polishing And Sanding Melbourne Company fixed them by using glue and other items. In all flooring, they placed hard and strong timber veneer on the top layer of wood flooring. This type of flooring is used for a cost-effective purpose and its installation also easy compared to other floorings.

Introduction Of The Timber Wood Flooring:

Timber flooring is also known as wood flooring. This type of flooring made with a special type of timber which is used for the structural or elegant look. Timber floor is famous for its variety in style and colours. So it can be the best option for your home as well if you want to look its range then you can check on Total Floor Sanding & Polishing Company’s website.  

This is a small intro of both wood flooring options. There are several topics where timber flooring and engineering flooring compete with each other, which give you a better idea which is best for you from both.

You can compare on these dimensions…

  • Strength
  • Usage
  • Installation
  • Price
  • Finishing
  1. Usage

Choosing to the floor only depend on your usage. If you want the style and look of wood, then engineered wood flooring is made for you. But if you have thought of a longer duration, then you should go with the timber flooring. And also Wooden Floor Installation In Melbourne provide you elegance, and it increases your home resale price even after the many years passed.       


  1. Price

Yes, you should also check your budget. Because if you like timber flooring and it’s not come in your pocket size, then it is worthless. Compared to timber flooring, engineering flooring has a lower price, and it also gives your home wood look which you want.

In the market, you can find engineering wood as more attractive and eye-catcher material, which are looking for wood flooring, but on the other hand timber flooring give you best resale value after the longer duration.      

  1. Finishing

In the engineering wood, you have two options for choosing pre-finishing and site-finishing. Whatever you choose, get as per your needs. Some engineering wood floor comes with finishing from the company, but if you need finishing at your then this option also available.

If we talk about the timber flooring, then it’s come in their original material, so Installation Company does their finishing task on the site.     

Final Thought,

According to the time, you can choose your options- Engineering wood or Timber wood. If you have a budget and want to go with timber wood flooring, then you can call Total Floor Sanding & Polishing Company for Timber Floor Installations Services In Melbourne.