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In recent times, timber flooring has become increasingly popular for residences and commercial establishments due to the durability and cost-effectiveness that it offers, along with its sturdy and astounding beauty. Many do not realize staining has a major component, and you can add bespoke designs option for both interior and exterior flooring.  

If you haven’t considered staining your pressure-treated products, it may be time to give it some thought. At Total Floor Sanding and Polishing, we are renowned Residential Floor Polishing and Sanding Company in Melbourne that can understand the vital role that timber stain plays in increasing the lifespan of timber, especially exterior wood that is constantly exposed to the elements.

That is why we offer a range of Timber Floor Staining Services in Melbourne for exteriors.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider timber staining:

#5. You can breathe easily from a timber stain.

Are you fed up with toxic paint vapours and making it difficult for you and your family to breathe? Don’t worry too much when you engage with timber floor staining services in Melbourne is kid-safe, pet-safe pure colour stain is also non-toxic projects can now be fun for the whole family.

#4. You can make a test switch.

It can be frustrating to go through different paint switches when one of your walls suits you best. Even though the stain may not boast the same variety of real paint, you still want to choose the perfect fit. When you choose to stain your own wood, you can personally evaluate some of the options before making a decision.

#3. Dry cleans faster and faster—really.

When you say, it’s like watching paint dry! Well, all know what that means. So, when you go for the staining process, you can be confident that you don’t wait for hours for your project to dry. Pure and high-quality stain colour will quickly dry out and fits easily like a book on a shelf.

#2. Cost Saving.

Whether structures and projects endure constant foot traffic and heavy impacts, such paint can easily crack and peel away, so staining makes an excellent surface for outdoor and walking areas, a more cost-effective solution than paint is for high-traffic areas or projects.

#1. Provides Simplicity.

Paint is an excellent coating for most surfaces, but it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, apply and maintain. Not only will you need to use a primer also need to repeat the process several times to make sure looks perfect. When it comes to staining is a straightforward process that does not require primers and similar products, you may need to recreate your project will not take as long to repaint.

Closing Thoughts,

Have you had so many bad timber stain experiences? Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is the perfect place to start. With over years of experience, we are experts in delivering timber floor staining services in Melbourne! Call to residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne and speak to a flooring specialist today.