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A house consists of many parts made up of different materials to give your house the exact look that you always want. It is never too late, to begin with, the floors.

Floors are the most essential element that gives your house an inner body look. With a body, it’s necessary to add some style and aesthetics to increase the value of your house.

If you are thinking of polishing or sanding your floors, Hire Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne that would work for your needs. Total floor sanding and polishing is one of them.

There could be mainly two types of floors: 

  • Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are made up of materials like portland cement, water, gravel, sand, or rock. These materials are mixed to form a thick paste and then be applied to the surface. It gets harder over time as it dries. These floors are used mainly in warm regions since it has a cooling effect. 

  • Timber Floors

Timber floors are also called wooden floors. These are made up of Timber which can be constructed in as many layers as you want. Mostly they have three layers but according to your requirements, you can customize the add-ups.

If you have any one of these types at home, or the office, we, at Total floor sanding and polishing, provide you with the best Timber Flooring Services and Concrete Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

No matter what type of floor you have, every floor needs maintenance once in a while. Our services provide 12 months of guarantee which is not an easy deal every company can give you.

We have different services for Timber Flooring:

  • Timber Floor sanding & polishing

Sanding adds attractiveness and smoothness to your floor. We remove the tired woods and apply techniques with tools and lastly, we give it a great polish to it so your floor is restored.

  • Timber Floor staining

Staining provides you with a choice of colour that you need to suit your house. It gives a variety of colours to choose from and in return, it gives a sophisticated look to your house.

  • Timber Floor repair

From screwing it down to loosening it and finally replacing it with fresh strong wood, we do it all.

  • Timber Floor installation

We take the correct measurement and your choice of timber while installing it from the scratch.

  • Timber Floor buffing and cleaning

We provide efficient cleaning that will leave you no complaints from removing the dust and dirt from the deepest edge to clean it all over, we are available 24/7.

Summing up,

Timber flooring is mostly used floor type around since the wood helps in winters with its resistance towards cold breeze. But no matter what the type is, we deal with concrete too. Adopt our Timber Flooring Services and concrete ones too now.