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Flooring is the first thing that everyone notices while walking. It is the thing that easily catches attention. Especially at the business place, one might be very careful while using the flooring as it reflects the business impression.

If you are a commercial office owner then you might be aware of the various section of the office that is the lobby, reception areas, open office space, conference room, and many others.

Every room of office functions differently according to the use and number of staff so, it’s important to consider every factor while flooring or renovation. Flooring projects are usually time-consuming and expensive so, it’s a good idea to choose the best flooring by considering the office environment, interior décor, and climatic factors.

Timber floors are widely used in the business office and conference room because of their royal and lavish look. There are many experienced companies available that offer the best Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong, Consult experts whenever you notice the hardwood floor quality deteriorating.

How to choose to the floor for particular office areas:

1) Lobby and reception areas:

Reception and lobby are the first things that visitors or any client notice hence,  the best flooring suitable for outdoor lobbies and reception are terrazzo, wood finishes, and LVT because they look beautiful in design and creates a good impression.

2) Open office space and cafeterias:

cafeterias are usually high-traffic areas so, it’s important to choose low-maintenance and budget-friendly flooring hence carpet flooring or LVT can be the best option to resist high foot traffic and noise.

3) Conference rooms:

Design and aesthetic should be considered first as the conference is usually rarely used and low traffic area hence it requires less maintenance so, wood finishes or luxury carpet can be the good flooring idea.

4) Kitchen and pantry areas:

kitchen and pantry areas are usually more likely to get spilled and stained as it involves food preparation, tea, and drinks. So quarry tile, LVT, and linoleum can be the best option to try for kitchen floorings.

The five best floorings for office are:

1) Terrazzo: Terrazzo can be a perfect choice for the entry point of the office because it has a wide range of design options and allows to greet visitors with a custom logo and design.  Terrazzo floorings are easy to clean and maintain and last for a lifetime.

2) Wood-finishes:  solid hardwood and engineered hardwood can be the best choice to give an impressive and elegant look to the office and conference rooms. It is the best option if you want an environment-friendly and reliable flooring option. 

3) Luxury vinyl tile (LVT): LVT blends with every office décor because of its versatile nature.  It’s seamlessly durable and perfect for any design and finishing.

4) Carpet: Broadloom carpet is the perfect option for the open offices and canteen areas as it is capable to handle high-traffic foot.

5) Quarry tile: Quarry tile is mostly used in the kitchen and pantry areas because it’s effective in withstanding spills and stains and resists the heavy foot traffic to the area.


Hope you found the article informative and helped you in choosing the best flooring for the office. If you are looking for a Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne, Choose total floor sanding and polishing for the guaranteed flooring installation and floor sanding services.