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Every homeowner from day one of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne in do everything in their capacity to ensure that their timber floors look spectacular. There are lots of ways to keep the shine and newness intact till this lifespan.

The two techniques that stand out to keep the timber floor’s shine in great condition are Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne and sanding. With it comes the most cliché dilemma of which one is the right choice for your requirements.

Here is everything you need to know about buffing and sanding.

What Is Timber Floor Buffing?

One thing that would make it pretty clear is if you are looking for timber floor repair, buffing floors is not what you need. The purpose of the buffing is to enhance the floor polish, wax, or varnish to restore sheen and not repair them, as the buffing does not involve touching wood beneath the polish.

But if you are looking to rejuvenate the tried and older floor, buffing is one of the excellent choices. As older floors, unlike newer floors, have a well-cured surface which is great for exceptional buffing results.

It removes the damage and flaws from the sealant layers. If your floors boards are in good condition, just the finish is scuffed; buffing is what to choose rather than sanding.  

Benefits Of Buffing:

  • It increases the longevity of your flooring.
  • It alleviates the beauty of timber floors.
  • It keeps the colour of timber floors intact.

What of Timber Floor Sanding?

Buffing doesn’t touch wood, which leaves you with one and most effective procedure – Sanding, which remove the top layer of the wood and is finished by polishing the floor. This would reveal the good wood under the unhealthy one to restore back the aesthetics of your timber floor.

By removing the upper layer of the wood, you can eliminate scratches, nicks, or other defects. Further, It would also give you an opportunity to change the stains or varnish to restore back the sheen.

Benefits Of Sanding:

  • It Increases a home’s resale value.
  • It makes the flooring appear more lively and appealing.
  • It prevents future harm by removing the damage.
  • It cleans and smooths the floor.
  • It also eliminates scratches and dents, eliminating possibilities of debris accumulation.

Can You Do Both Buffing And Sanding?

You cannot weigh any of these processes as better than others as they serve distinct purposes. You can use the process together as per the floor’s requirements.

If your floor does not have the polish applied and you sand it, then you would want to finish it by buffing the floor after the polish gets cured to achieve the best sheen.

If you are sanding the floor before staining it, then Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne would not be required. As the stains are absorbed by wood products, the surface would not be suitable for polishing. The decks and verandas’ floors are rarely buffed due to this reason.