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Floor sanding Melbourne process is an incredible approach to truly upgrade the look of your timber floors, and also expanding their sturdiness. An all around completed timber floor is slick and supplements any style of home. This article enlists many things you should keep in mind when hiring the floor polishing experts.

timber floor installation Melbourne

Services Provided by Floor Sanding Professionals

Floor sanding Melbourne experts can give various benefits. These include:

  • Giving guidance on all parts of timber ground surface and how to get the look that you need.
  • Preparation –, for example, the expulsion of old floor covers, levelling the subfloor and unpleasant sanding
  • Installation of a wide range of deck
  • Sanding and cleaning floors with standard and tung oils and also diverse sorts of polyurethanes
  • Staining and liming floors
  • Repairing sub floors, harmed floors, supplanting sheets and scratch evacuation
  • Maintenance of your polished floor.

Keeping up Newly Sanded or Polished Timber Floors

After the floor has been done, it is an intelligent thought to wear socks on the recently completed surface for no less than 48 hours. It is because of the reason that oils may fall off your feet and demolish the deck surface.

Leaving no less than three to four days after the last coat before moving furniture once again into position will limit the danger of harm to the floor. Know that the floor surface may take up to fourteen days to completely solidify. Abstain from utilising trolleys with little wheels as this harm the wrap-up. It is particularly essential that you don’t lay any mats for two weeks after the floor has been finished.

There are additionally some broad support tips that you can take after to help keep your recently completed floor looking great. A few hints are:

  • Use mats – as it is conceivable to stroll in sand and coarseness from outside, setting mats at the front of doorways will limit the hazard. So will utilising carpets or runners in ranges that are exceedingly trafficked.
  • Avoid coordinate daylight – parallel daylight will cause blurring after some time, so it is a smart thought to use drapes or blinds to channel the daylight coming in through the windows.
  • Establish a support arrange – having upkeep or cleaning arrangement will go far into keeping your floor looking as new.
  • Use a hostile to static tidy wipe – an against static tidy wipe is a superior alternative than a vacuum cleaner as it is significantly less liable to scratch the floor.


While choosing a floor sanding Melbourne specialists, dependably remember to enlist the best for you. Inquire as to whether the work is ensured in any capacity. On the off chance that conceivable, you ought to attempt to perceive any cases of floors that they have finished in the past or you can contact Total Floor Sanding and Polishing group to complete your employment.