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If you want to renovate or build the home, it is important to know the start date of the floor coating and sanding. For the good result, you need to ensure that expert has completed the work and look for the floor before including floor sanding job. In today’s blog, we are going to know important things about floor sanding shared by Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne company.

Before you approach any Commercial floor polishing Geelong or floor sanding company, few of the things you should include without getting influenced. If you include electrical, plumbing or carpentry needs then it will be completed by an expert floor sanding company. Take a look into below things!

Get ready for floor sanding and coating

  • It is important to include safe access to the website. Check out whether there is parking access for the heavy vehicles. If there is not then you need to discuss with the company so that they can help you manage with arrangements.
  • In such a situation, the company will support floor sanding equipment so you need to ensure that there are enough light and power available. The power should remain inside the house.
  • You need to make sure the floor area to sanded is clean from debris and other stuff. The furniture should be removed with the floor covering which include tacks and staples.
  • Ensure to remove the unsealed food from the pantry area and other storage places.

Few general information:

  • If there is modern sanding machinery, it needs to be fitted with dust collection machines and sanders which will handle the cleaning requirement with vacuuming the floor. It is even not possible to eliminate the duct completely. In such a situation, you will find dust particles that can be settled on the surface.
  • If you found any silicone-based product with the floor, it will cause rejection. It means when the coating is not compatible with the surface that is coated rather than flowing over the surface.
  • Rugs will leave some backing pattern mark on the floor. Thus, you need to move them after a couple of weeks and if possible then remove the polished floor completely.
  • If you handle the removal of deep cuts from the carpet in boards which will not be removed completely.
  • This is the reason, you need to expect the final coating on the board that need to be completed on time. The painter can apply a final coat after completing the floor.
  • You will get come colour variations and grain in between new and old boards. This simply means you will get the inconsistencies about the colour and grain on the floor.

How will you complete the floor sanding and coating?  

  • Just avoid walking on the floor for a day at least
  • It will take around a week to harden the polyurethane completely. After 72 house the final coat is applied and you can put the furniture back in the house. Don’t drag the furniture; prefer to lift and place where you feel the settlement or arrangement.
  • Always be careful about not walking in grit and other abrasives until the floor socks up.

Turn up!

Whether you require floor polishing or Concrete polishing Services, above guideline will be perfect to your requirements. Just get ready what is your choice & seek for help.