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Floor polishing Melbourne may appear to be a routine task that you perform merely to make your floors appear shiny and new. Let’s face it, and one has to take a risk in order to be certain that they have selected a skilled and competent business that can assist them in obtaining their goals in the most effective manner.

Because of this, Total Floor Sanding and Polishing offers floor sanding & polishing professionals can suit you just as well if you’re searching for more specialised services in this area.

Do you know the different types of polyurethane finishes? If not, you’re in for a treat! This blog post will teach you about the differences between glossy, satin, and matte finishes – and help you choose the right one for your project. So, whether you’re refinishing an old piece of furniture or painting a new one, read on to learn more about polyurethane finishes. You won’t regret it!

Oil-based polyurethane

When it comes to Floor polishing Melbourne, oil-based polyurethane is the most durable type of finish. It can be used on floors, but it’s not recommended for that purpose. Oil-based polyurethane is best suited for large projects such as furniture and cabinets because it requires careful application and multiple coats to achieve decent results.

This type of finish also may not be ideal for small projects since it requires more time than other types of finishes (which usually dry faster). If you’re working on something that needs only one coat or two, this might not be worth your time and money!

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Water-based polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane is a great choice for floors, especially if you’re working with a room that gets a lot of use. It’s easy to apply and clean up, and it dries quickly. The downside is that this kind of finish isn’t as durable as oil-based polyurethane.

In comparison to many organic substances, water-based hardwood floor polish does not emit as much volatile or unpleasant odour. Additionally, no paint thinner or other solvents are required to clean the instruments used to apply water-based polish to hardwood floors.

Water-based floor polish creates a clear finish that doesn’t darken over time, making it safe to use on light-coloured floors. Water-based floor varnish is the only way to preserve the original colour of natural maple floors. If your floors are grey and you want your wood floors to match, your options are limited to water-based varnish.

Choose the right type of polyurethane finish for your project based on its needs

So, at the time of Floor polishing Melbourne, you’ll want to choose the right type of polyurethane finish for your project based on its needs. Oil-based polyurethane is more durable, but it takes longer to dry—about 24 hours. Water-based polyurethane dries faster and is easier to apply, but it won’t last as long and may feel tacky when dry.

Oil-based polyurethanes are also more expensive than water-based ones, which means your final coat will cost you less money if you opt for the latter option instead!

Polyurethane is a versatile material that can be used for many different projects. It’s important to know what type of finish you need so you don’t waste time and money on something that doesn’t work well with your needs. If you want something durable and easy to clean, then oil-based polyurethane might be right for you. If not, then water-based polyurethane may be better suited for your project or job site conditions!