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Today, we will discuss the reasons for choosing floor polishing in Melbourne.

We have listed some signs that indicate immediate flooring service.

Let’s read ahead!

Scrapes, dents and dings

Even with high-quality sand and polish, your timber floorboards aren’t immune from damage. Furniture, high heels and pets with long nails or claws can all damage your polish.

Quick Solution

Protect your floor from scratches and marks by fitting protective pads to your furniture legs and placing rugs underneath furniture with castors – barrel castors are less likely to damage the floor than ball castors. If your floor is newly sanded and polished, wait two weeks before laying rugs down. Institute shoes off policy, particularly for high heels or stilettos, and keep your pets’ nails and claws short and blunt to avoid scratching and dulling your finish.  

Water damage

Timber floors are particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature and moisture variation. Ongoing dryness can cause gaps to appear in your floorboards, while increased moisture causes an effect called ‘cupping’. Rooms like your kitchen, bathroom and laundry are particularly susceptible to this kind of damage.

Quick Solution

Maintaining an ambient temperature is the best way to preserve the sand and polish of your timber floor. Use an extractor fan in wet rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, and avoid over-wetting the floor during cleaning. Wring out your mops and cloths to ensure a minimal amount of water comes into contact with the floor, and avoid using steam mops.

Dirt and grit and other nasties

Despite regular cleaning, dirt and grit will build up between your floorboards over time. Combined with expansion and contraction with temperature and moisture changes, it can lead to excess wear and unsightly scratches. Boarers and termites can also cause damage. Left untreated, they can cause significant structural problems that are time-consuming and expensive to fix.

Quick Solution

Minimise the amount of dirt tracked into your house by placing dirt-trapping mats at all exterior doors. Place small rugs and hall runners on the inside to collect any dirt the exterior mats miss. It’s also a good idea to regularly sweep high traffic areas with a soft bristle broom or electrostatic mop.

Dullness, fading and discolouration

Regardless of the quality of your sand and polish, all hardwood floors will fade, darken, or change colour over time. However, consistent exposure to intense sunlight will speed up the process, as will use inappropriate cleaning products.

Quick Solution

To avoid ongoing sun damage, rotate your rugs periodically and use curtains or blinds to protect against direct sunlight. Never clean your polished floors with common household detergents, polishes or wax as they can be abrasive and/or make re-coating in the future difficult. Use a high-quality lint-free floor mop for cleaning, and wipe up spills with a dry cloth or paper towel (moisten the cloth slightly when dealing with sticky substances).

Does your floor have any of the above signs? If yes, get in touch with the timber floor polishing and sanding services today.

So go ahead and find the best flooring company.