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Refinishing a hardwood floor is always the best and cheaper way to restore the old floor condition. It’s the normal human tendency to ignore the problems until it becomes problematic in daily life.

Especially household things can cause stressful situations in a busy life. The floorings and roofing are the important part of the house that needs to be properly maintained to preserve the property in good condition.

Hardwood floor refinishing can be perfect for removing scratches and add protection to the floor by applying the coating. But there are some factors that need to be kept in mind before refinishing a floor.

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1) Refinish your floors if they are dirty and dusty.

Sometimes regular cleaning may not be enough. if the dust and dirt stay on the surface for a longer time, it may not get clean through normal sweeping and mopping. If it’s been a long time you didn’t have your floor refinished, and then get your floor refinished.

2) Refinish your floors if there are more scratches.

If you have pets in your home then your floor is more likely to get scratch over time. Minor dings and damages can spread deeper under the floor coating and cause water damage and other damage inside the space.  Scratches make the floor more vulnerable to moisture and water damage.

3) Refinish your floors if there are watermarks and discoloration.

Too much moisture or too much sun can fade away the colour of the wood. If it’s just a spill, it can be cleaned by wiping it, but if it has turned out gray or discolored floors then refinishing is only the option to get the floor back to its previous condition.

4) Cuppings and splinters

You might have noticed floorboards bending downwards towards the edges. It’s known as cupping and it looks very odd. Cupping is generally occurred due to water damage. If the cupping is minor, it can be fixed by sanding but if the damage is severe, it might be need to replace.

If your sealant has worn out, then it causes a splinter and makes walking difficult barefoot. Hence for splinters also, sanding is the only solution to restore the smoothness and texture of the floor.  


Always get your floor refinished regularly to preserve its quality and shine. Some hardwood floors are complex to refinish because of the severe damage hence, it might need to replace the entire flooring if the floor is damaged with scratches and discoloration.

If you wish to do refinishing process using DIY, you should know sanding, patching, staining, and top coating properties.

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