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Are you tired of looking at the creepy scratches on your home floor? Try Floor Polishing Geelong to polish your floor, as it is a great way to get it looking as good as new. Scratches can be difficult to remove, but with the right equipment and some elbow grease, you’ll be able to have shiny floors in no time.

Let us help and give you a quick walkthrough of everything you need to know about polishing a floor and how easy it can be!

Scratches and Scuffs can Ruin the Appearance of Any Floor

Scratches and scuffs are not only unsightly, but they also make it difficult to see your reflection in the flooring, which is a big no-no if you want to look good while walking around in your home.

Scratches and scuffs can be caused by many things: furniture being dragged across the floor, kids playing ball games inside (or outside), pets running around with their claws out (not just cats!), or even walking on wet floors with wet shoes or socks may cause scratches as well!


Polishing Your Floor Will Make it Look Like New Again

The best way to handle the long-lasting scratches and pale floors is by floor polishing Geelong with the help of advanced technology. Our floor polisher uses abrasive pads that can be changed depending on what you need the machine for.

For example, if your floors are only slightly scuffed but need some freshness in their appearance, then using a medium-grade pad would be appropriate. However, if there are deeper marks that require more work than just light polishing (like removing scratches), then you’ll want a more powerful tool such as an orbital sander with diamond grits on it.

Our Services are Capable of Cutting Through the Dirt and Grime

The power of our experienced and comprehensive services will save you from scrubbing away at stubborn marks for hours, as it can remove them in seconds. Our work includes two major steps,

Step 1 – Preparing Your Floor

To get started, you’ll want to ensure that the area we’re working in is as clean as possible. Remove all furniture and items from the room. Remove any rugs or carpets from the floor; they’ll just get in the way later on when we’re trying to polish our hardwood floors.

Clean up any dust or dirt that may have settled on your floor during construction work by using a damp mop or cloth (make sure it’s not too wet). If there’s still some dirt left over after cleaning off these surfaces, use a vacuum cleaner before proceeding with Step 2 below!

Step 2 – Polishing Your Floor

We make sure we have all the right equipment to get started. We are using the latest technology and materials to remove scratches and scuffs from the surface of your floors. We also use a buffer if that feels more comfortable or familiar to you, they’re essentially just different names for the same thing!

If you are looking for high-quality floor polishing Geelong services? Look no further than Total Floor Sanding and Polishing! Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and equipment to bring your floors back to life, leaving them looking shiny and new. Trust us to deliver exceptional results every time.