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Do you want to go for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne? If so, you should know some useful tips to know how to install your flooring in the right way.

So read the following tips and make timber floor installation easier.

Choose the right wood

It’s crucial to choose the right kind of wood for your home or office. There is a wide variety of hardwood floor materials that are different in patterns, plank size, wood species, and surface finish.

The kind of wood you choose for the particular environment would define how long the flooring will last. So choose the wood type carefully.

Acclimatize the floor

Let the hardwood flooring acclimatize as soon as you receive it. Doing this will let the flooring to adapt the surroundings and get used to the environment. As we all know that hardwood is a natural item, so it will contract and expand as the temperature or weather changes. By letting your hardwood get used to your home environment and weather, you can decrease the risks involved in wood installation damage.

You can follow the below steps to ensure that your wooden flooring acclimates properly:

  • Place the hardwood packaging in the room or area where you want to install it.
  • Make sure that the flooring is delivered at least a week or more before the installation.
  • Ensure the place where you are about to put your wooden flooring is dry. Leaving wood on the damp and wet floor will damage the planks before they are even installed.
  • Don’t leave the wooden flooring under direct heat or radiator
  • Let it acclimatize for 7 days (at least)
  • For engineered wood, 72 hours of acclimatization is enough

Keep the subfloor ready 

It is crucial to prepare the subfloor so that it can bear the installation. Any issues or mistakes could cause huge damage to your flooring. You have to take care of the subfloor level, flat, and dry.

You can use a spirit level for the perfect subfloor level and flat. But in case you are facing the leveling issue, line the subfloor with plywood for the wooden subfloor. For concrete subfloor, you can use the self-leveling compound.

You should also pay attention to Moisture Content with the help of a Moisture Meter. An ideal wood floor must have 16% MC or below. For the concrete floor, MC must be 6%. Allow your floor to dry.

Choose the Professional Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne after installing the flooring.

Read the instruction carefully 

To make sure nothing wrong happens with the flooring. For that, you need to read the instructions carefully. These instructions would cover all the crucial details that would keep your floor safe and help you to install it carefully.

So make sure you take care of the above tips and implement this information while doing Floor Polishing in Melbourne.

TO get better results, you can hire professionals so that everything is done in the right way.

Their skills and expertise will make the job easier and quicker.

So hire the best timber floor installation agency now!