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Floor sanding Melbourne is one of the most effective ways to repair and refurbish your floor. However, it can also be very damaging if you don’t take the proper precautions and preparations. The most important thing you need to consider before sanding is cleaning.

The cleaner your floor before you sand it, the better it will look after being refinished by a professional, so we’ve put together this list of tips for preparing your home ahead of time:

Remove excess dust, debris and cobwebs

  • Remove excess dust and cobwebs with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure your vacuum is working properly before using it to clean up your floor. You don’t want to damage the wood by sucking up bits of dirt or other material that could scratch the surface of your flooring, so make sure all parts are in good working order before you start using it.
  • Clean out every corner of the room, including behind furniture and along walls where cobwebs may have accumulated over time!

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Remove furniture from the room if possible

If you can, remove furniture from the room. This will make it easier for your contractor to sand and refinish the floor. If that’s not possible, cover all of your furniture with plastic sheeting or drop cloths.

You should also make sure that any objects hanging on walls are secure so they don’t fall down while they’re being sanded.

Once you’ve removed any furniture from the room, vacuum it thoroughly. Then use a damp cloth to wipe down any dusty or dirty areas. Let everything dry before continuing with the rest of your prep work.

Make sure the room is well-ventilated

  • Open windows and doors for proper ventilation. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from any adverse health effects, such as headaches or dizziness caused by exposure to dust particles in the air.
  • Use fans to circulate the air throughout your home during sanding. This helps keep dust from settling on furniture and other items in your house, as well as keeping it off of you as well! If this isn’t an option for you because of weather conditions or other reasons, consider using an indoor dehumidifier instead–they can help remove moisture from the air so that it doesn’t settle on surfaces like wood floors (which can cause mould growth).

Cover any windows or doors that are not in use

If you’re going to be sanding your floor, it’s important to make sure that the dust doesn’t get everywhere. It’s best to cover any windows or doors that are not in use. You can use sheets or plastic, towels and even tarpaulins if you have them handy. Just make sure they are secure enough so they don’t blow off when there is an unexpected gust of wind outside!

If you have pets or children, it’s a good idea to keep them away from the area while you are working. It may be tempting to let them help out with sanding but this isn’t something that they should be involved in.

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