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It is a fact that floors are the most used parts of the house, so it becomes very important to maintain them in order to get a perfect result. Cleaning and polishing your home floors regularly will not only enhance their appearance but also maintain the quality and shine of the flooring surfaces.

In this article, we are going to discuss some top-notch floor polishing Melbourne services that you must consider when hiring any professional cleaner or polisher to enhance the beauty of your home floors.

Sanding and polishing

The first step in the process is to sand the floor. This helps to smooth out any rough spots and surfaces, which will help with the polishing process later on.

You should use a circular sander that has different grits of sandpaper attached to it, ranging from 60-80-grit. These different grades will allow you to start at a coarser one and work your way up until you reach the desired level of smoothness.

When this step is complete, move on to applying some buffing compound over all of your newly sanded floors. This can be done using an orbital buffer that has been fitted with a soft pad attachment; however, if you do not have access to these items, then don’t worry.

You can also use a foam pad attachment instead if needed, as they provide similar results without having access to an orbital buffer machine or other expensive equipment needed for this task (however, note that foam pads may wear down over time depending on how often they are used).

Finally comes time for polishing. Once again, there are two options here: manual versus electric polishers (or rotary buffers). Both types follow similar steps, which include applying another layer coat before buffing out any remaining scratches from earlier stages when necessary – but if budget isn’t an issue, then going electric could save valuable time spent working away manually.

Colouring and staining

You may want to colour and stain your flooring in order to achieve a certain look. This is a great way to add some character, build upon the natural beauty of wood, or simply protect it from damage.

Colouring and staining can be applied in several ways:

  • Stains are usually water-based and applied with a brush. They help preserve wood by absorbing into its pores, keeping them from absorbing liquids like water (which could cause warping). Stains allow you to get more even coverage than paints do; however, they don’t provide as much protection against scratching or scuffing as paints do.
  • Paints are typically acrylics that form an invisible layer over the original surface of your flooring material (wood). These will add extra durability if you’re worried about wear during high-traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms; however, they tend not to retain their colour nearly as well as stains do over time because they contain fewer solvents than other types of paint.

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Laying of tiles

The laying of tiles is the process of placing the tiles on a floor to form a pattern. It is an art that requires you to use a variety of tools and materials to ensure that the tiles complement each other and create an attractive appearance.

In order to lay tile, you need to consider various factors such as width, length and thickness as well as a texture so that it will not cause damage when walking over it. You can also use grout for sealing purposes or fill gaps between two adjacent surfaces using this material.

You should know how much space is required for laying tile in your house before purchasing them from any store since this will help avoid wastage or having leftover pieces after installation is complete.

You should also consider if there are any restrictions regarding height or weight limits because these factors can affect how many pieces are needed for each section within your home’s flooring area without compromising quality results, thus ensuring maximum satisfaction upon completion.


There are several kinds of floor repairs that can be done. One is the repair of scratches, cracks, gouges and dents. This is done either by filling in the area with a similar material or by using wood fillers on the affected area, depending on what type of damage it has sustained.

Sometimes you need to remove some stubborn marks from your floor, even if they are only painted marks, which can be removed by sanding them off, but this needs skilled hands so that you don’t have any blemishes when it comes out looking clean again.

If there are burns or holes in your hardwood floors caused by accidents, then these should be filled up as well because no one wants to walk over those every day or even see them while dining at home or hosting guests at their place.

You can bring your damaged floor back to life once more by having floor polishing Melbourne professionals handle this job for you since they know how fragile hardwood really is and will not let anything happen during its restoration process except perfection.

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