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Are you a Pluviophile? If you are, you may never think of the wooden floor and enjoy raining season to the fullest. You might be thinking to have a durable floor with water-proof features that you can enjoy whatever your heart says without worrying about the floor quality. Rather than calling out a Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne, it would be better if you stay in advance with the flooring choices.

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a company that can help you with complete Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong requirements.

You need to make sure to choose the best hardwood floor for your house.

However, there are lots of things that you need not miss while choosing a hardwood floor. Here are some of the most considerable things that we have brought for you.

Go through this guide for a complete selection of wooden floors.

  1. Choose a suitable space

The most important thing you need to consider is where you want your hardwood floors to place in your home. Inspect the area where you find it perfectly suitable and highly appealing. It’s not the fact that every room is suitable for hardwood flooring, you need to select a suitable space or corner where the efforts get embossed. The installation goes perfect in the bathroom area, kitchen or laundry rooms.

  1. Go through various installation options

After removing carpets and flooring, you can look out for the installation of the new floor. It’s extremely important to consider the installation method as there are various methods, and professionals choose different methods for installation. It could become easy to nail down floorboards than you staple them down. Such engineered wood floors can be put down using glue and the same goes for parquet. However, a floating hardwood floor doesn’t require staples, glues, or nails to remain durable. Such materials connect with each other like a puzzle, so it will become easy to put them down as you need not nail them. The most underlined drawback of floating floors is nothing but, they are thin and less durable compare to any other floor material.      

  1. DIY or the professionals?

Professionals are there because they have field knowledge. They know what to do and when is the correct time to do for expected results. On the flip end, if you handle floor installation or polishing projects on your own, you may not know what to do when things will not be in your favour. In the end, you will have to reach professionals to correct all the damage, which could ruin the overall appeal of your flooring. This is why, if you have never worked on flooring, it’s suggested to choose only professionals’ help for a floor installation or any other flooring jobs. 

In case if you find any difficulty after installation, then you need to hire a residential or Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne company immediately to measure the issue and help you overcome it.