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Long lasting flooring beauty builds through timber flooring, which could add value to your home whether to create new or renovate the flooring. Timber floors staining Melbourne come over the time with old houses generally have their fair share of spills; accidents and leaks, so it would be reasonable to expect some degree of staining in timber floor after the old floor covering have been removed. Floor polishing in Geelong helps to protect and create a level of safeguard your stories from long term damage. Removal of small particles such as dust and dirt is easy to clean after sweeping.  Many feet traffics that have grind this debris into the floor, eventually causing irreversible damage such as permanent marks and scratches.

floor polishing Geelong

Structure integrity of flooring

There are different types of timber which are depending on making encounter some damage to the board from borers or termites. It has been noted that there are many cases the extent of the cost will not be revealed until the floor is initially sanded. While working on timber floor if there you find damage is relatively minor and has not affected the structural integrity of a particular board, it is possible to fill them with suitable filler that is loosely colour matched tloo the specific board.

Style of décor

The natural ambience of timber with its golden glow fits in with all forms of décor. Timber floor staining Melbourne stands out completely to make it possible to the removal of stain. Different type of dye which is sometime imposable to remove are such as animal urine, rust stain around nails, some water stains that have been exposed to a water source over an extent of time, burns, etc. floor polishing Geelong make it possible with ensuring safety and hygiene, floor machines will maintain the exterior of floors and surface so that they can keep the level with best looking.

Add wax to plug dirt and dust

Using floor polishing Geelong make the top layer more protective coat that will prevent them from being scraped and damage. Make the use of modern machines which are lightweight, easy to control and simple to use power and easy to use for maximum user convenience. The working process adds the wax or polish and then plugs it in. Using various models also feature multiple speed motors that will allow wax and polish at different speeds to get the maximum shine and finish.


Need to enhance the look of your property by using timber flooring is one of the best flooring design. Having amazed to find the wide variety of colour and shades that timber floor comes in and surly blend well with your home colour scheme. The natural look that has blended well every style of home decoration. Timber floor staining Melbourne is the best solution to cover them with quickly and easily wiped in just a short period without any stain or spot. While floor polishing Geelong creates a unique property that includes the coating lasting years longer than expected.