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Flooring jobs are generally time-consuming hence it requires advanced planning to get the work done hassle-free. The smart customer always asks necessary questions to Flooring Contractor before scheduling any work. It’s important to get the time and cost estimation of the work because it might get delay if you don’t take the flooring service seriously.

Floor refinishing is the crucial part of floor maintenance to preserve it in good condition. There are numerous methods of floor refinishing that are:

  • Oil-based polyurethane refinishing
  • Water-based refinishing

Basically refinishing time depends on the type of service and the severity of the damage. If it’s been a long-time you haven’t gone for any services then it might consume more time in Floor Repairs Melbourne and other things.

Proper planning is the key to execute any work smoothly. Also, it depends on the contractor you hire; always choose the experienced flooring contractor for the guaranteed work.

Oil-based polyurethane refinishing:

The refinishing time usually depends on the type you choose, Oil-based refinishing is less expensive and takes up to 3 to 5 days to complete the refinishing job.

If there is a stain or other stubborn marks on the floor, drying time may vary. Refinishing can be easily done by 2-3 coatings if there is no stain on the floor.

Each coating of oil-based refinishing takes 24 hours to dry completely depending on the humidity factor.

Water-based polyurethane:

Water dries faster than oil, so water-based polyurethane has a faster drying time hence it is the perfect choice to get the floor refinishing if you are rush and want to restore your floor condition in a short period of time.

It usually takes a maximum of 2 days to dry but still, it’s advised to stay away from the refinished surface completely to dry it efficiently without any stain. Take care of your pets and kids while the floor refinishing is done. Water-based polyurethane can be a quick solution if you are a person with a hectic work lifestyle.

You can easily move furniture and other stuff inside the house within 48 hours of refinishing. 


Although it can’t be said accurate time estimation because there are many other factors that affect the refinishing work that is a weather conditions, quality, and type of wood.  Weather condition is the most important factor because if the climate outside is humid, it may increase drying time up to few hours, no matter whether it is oil-based or water-based.

Also, it involves checking whether it requires other additional repairs or not. So, it’s important to plan everything in advance and properly to get the work completed without delay. Book a free quote at total floor sanding and polishing to get the perfect estimation of the flooring service.

We are the proud and most trusted Floor Sanding and Polishing Agency Melbourne that will handle all your flooring work and help you with choosing the best flooring service for your floor so, you don’t spend extra than required.

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