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A satisfying Floor Polishing Melbourne project in the house helps in transforming it into a spectacular new surface. It’s not suggested to carry out this project within your own steam on the parquet surface. These kinds of projects need specialist machines and need not to be attempted by complete novice.

Proper time should be allowed for ensuring that the right equipment has been hired. Your local expert would be able to provide advice. You need to keep in mind that the pine surface irrespective of how flat they look would invariably dip in middle of every board. In case wrong equipment is employed, you would end up with uneven result even after putting in all your efforts.

Floor Polishing in Melbourne

What do you need for his project?

For carrying out the task of Floor Polishing Melbourne, you would need a sander for main area, specialised edge sander for the edges and stairs. The sanders are very powerful and are needed for achieving the required results. While employing the sander, you need to keep it moving for getting a good finish and keep in mind that you do not leave the sanders in same place for a very long time.

Even one additional second and the sanders would eat up the surface. It’s always good to sand with direction of the grains rather than being against it. While approaching the end of room it’s very important to keep calm, and just turn the sanders around and then head in completely opposite directions. You may stop anytime and you should not let these sanders run apart from you.

Regain the look as well as the lustre

Floor Polishing Melbourne as well as subsequent sealing of the surface also helps in getting back the lost lustre and look of the surface. It helps in enhancing the aesthetic value of the house and office by making the surface look fresh and new. It loses their lustre and stain because of the normal usage as well as cleaning. Restraining is an optional step in the whole process which helps in bringing back lost stains as well as finish of the wood floorings.

Protecting the floor

It’s done for keeping the surface protected as well as intact. Sealing with special protective layers and special oils help in making the surface water proof. The protective layers of oil help in preventing the water from getting into the surface. It even helps in keeping the surface free from mildew as well as other infections. It even helps in protecting the flooring from dust and dirt.

It also helps in making the interior look good and offers a comfortable and hygienic life to the residents of the house and office. It would help you in saving money and time.


Floor Polishing Melbourne helps in keeping the surface clean and fresh looking. This technique keeps dirt and dust away from the flooring.