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If you have pets and want to know whether the Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne house is a good decision or not, then this is a special guide for you.

While focusing on the current trends, we forget to look into the quality. Somehow, everyone can relate to this. Look out for Timber Floor buffing and cleaning in Melbourne services.

If you are interested in a hardwood flooring company, here are a few things that will help you with the hardwood floor.

Hardwood floor over softwood

Spend into hardwood floor which could be much better than softwood if you look into any long term. Although, it is more expensive compare to any other material. The hardwood floor will remain challenging for a pet. The selection of wood like oak and walnut are perfect to give class to the floors.

Which one is the best wooden floor choice for pets?

Undoubtedly, we all are more concerned about our pets and thus, we want our floor to remain tough and durable for a longer period. It is necessary to select a hardwearing finish that will help in high traffic from humans and pets. Also, you would never want to have scratches on the floors because of your pet’s nails or random foot traffic.

Hence, the selection of an oiled finish that retains the natural wooden look will make the scratched less pathetic. The choices of hard-wax oils will look effective to maintain the looks.

To keep your floor in a good condition, trim pet’s claws

We all know that the claws of pets like dogs and cats are not soft. If you have a big dog in the house, he or she can affect the floor quality with scratches. With the professionals’ help, you can make the floor look good. A good quality finish would not even mark the floor easily but long claws and a big dog may scratch the floor badly.

With the professionals’ help, you can make the floor look as good as possible. But, before that, you need to cut down or trim your pet’s claws so that it will not affect the floor quality.

Regular sweeping

You never know how regular sweeping can make your floor look good for a longer period of time. Sweeping is a simple way to get rid of dust and stray fur that sits on the floor top. To remove this, you need to sweep it frequently in a day. If you can purchase an engineered floor and have found the information interesting then you need to contact the professionals.  

What you can add here?

With all of the above things, it will become easy to look out for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne. Would you like to add anything else here? Well, you can choose a timber floor if you have pets in your home. But as said earlier, all you need to keep in mind is regular maintenance. So, get ready for the installation of the timber floor.