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Floors can take a beating over time. From dirt, grime and scuff marks, your floor can easily become dull and lifeless. However, there is an easy solution to bring back the beauty of your floors. Floor sanding Melbourne is a great way to strip away years of built-up dirt, restore the natural beauty of your floors, and make them look like new again.

What is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is the process of using specialized tools and sandpaper for grinding down the top layer of your floor in order to restore its original shine and lustre.

One of the biggest advantages to floor sanding Melbourne is that it can be done quickly and efficiently. Professional floor sanders use high-powered machines that are capable of removing years worth of dirt in just a few hours.

When Should You Invest in Floor Sanding?

Significant water damage may cause cupping, warping, or ballooning. If this occurs, you should get repair guidance from a specialist. In some cases, sanding and refinishing the floor will solve these problems. However, if the harm is too great, the flooring might need to be replaced.

Gouges and Chipping

When you’re sanding your floors, your goal is to remove the top layer of the floor’s finish. This exposes the grain and helps bring out its natural beauty, making it more beautiful and giving it a richer look.

When you have a floor that has been damaged by water or moisture, it can be difficult for you to get into this layer because there are several layers underneath that need to be removed as well. They won’t come off easily if they are still moist from being wet or soaked.

If this happens to you, don’t panic! You can contact a professional professional floor sanding service in your area who will help restore your damaged wood back to its original beauty once again!

Wood Becoming Grey

When your wooden floor is grey, it means that the natural aging process has kicked in. While this may be an indication that your floor needs to be sanded, it’s also a good time to do so before the wood becomes too damaged.

The colour of a timber floor will naturally change over time as it ages and is exposed to light. As the timber oxidizes or changes colour, darker areas appear on top of lighter ones. This can lead to patches of colour variation throughout your surface—and if left unattended for too long, it could cause damage like cracks or splits in your boards.

Wood is prone to becoming grey because of its natural properties: when exposed to sunlight (or any type of light), its natural oils begin to fade away; this results in greyed areas that stand out from their surrounding colours (which are usually browns/reds).

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Scratches are not only unsightly; they are also a sign of wear and tear. They can be caused by pets, children, furniture moving across the floor or even something as simple as dragging your feet!

No matter how careful you are with your floors at home, scratches will eventually happen. If your floor requires refinishing due to damage from furniture moving across it or if it’s scratched up from pet paws, consider hiring professional floor sanding service to restore its original look.


Fading is a common problem with wood flooring, and it can be caused by several factors. Water damage, sun exposure, scratches and gouges all contribute to the fading of your floors. To repair this damage, you will want to hire professional floor sanding services.

When Is The Best Time To Sand Your Floors?

You may be wondering, “When is the best time to sand my floors?” You should consider sanding your floors when they are in need of a deep cleaning. A professional floor sander will remove all of the old stains and oils from your flooring.

Another reason to hire a professional from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing for this job is if you want to change the colour of your flooring. If you want to match the rest of the room or change it up with some new colours, then hiring a professional is highly recommended.

Sanding can be done on various types of wood floors and concrete surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tiles or marble so it’s an option whether or not you have carpeted areas in your home!

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your home or simply want to increase its value with minimal effort –floor sanding Melbourne is definitely an option worth considering! Not only does it bring back life into dulled surfaces but it also provides exceptional results at unbeatable prices compared to other more expensive alternatives like replacing entire sections or sections of wood panels on the floor entirely. So if you’re ready for stunning new floors –it might be time for some floor sanding!