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Following are the best materials with which you can go for eco-friendly floor polishing in Melbourne or any other area.

Glass Tiles

Ever wonder what befalls the wine jugs and lager bottles that are transported to the recycler? They are changed over into excellent glass tiles. This inexhaustible source is quick turning into an excellent choice for floors just as restroom and kitchen dividers. Glass has comparative advantages of other eco-accommodating materials. It is non-absorptive and won’t build-up or form in damp conditions. It is difficult to keep up and won’t stain. Glass arrives in a large cluster of hues, examples and completions reasonable for most structure plans. In contrast to earthenware tiles, the glass will reflect light as opposed to assimilating it, including that extra layer of view a few rooms need.


Bamboo flooring is another wood like an alternative that is picking up in fame. It is a grass that has comparative qualities as hardwood. It is sturdy, simple to keep up and is anything but difficult to introduce. Bamboo is economical and produced using characteristic vegetation that develops to development in three to five years, far not precisely the twenty years trees can take. Bamboo, while usually light, is accessible in numerous shades that will work in any setting or stylistic layout. Its fluctuated grains and an extensive exhibit of hues give it an edge over the customary ground surface by taking into account customization not frequently discovered somewhere else.

Fleece Carpet

Floor covering has for quite some time been a most loved go-to material for most homes. It is delicate to stroll on, agreeable to sit on and arrives in a scope of hues and examples. Sadly, the cover has commonly been made utilizing unpredictable natural mixes or poisons that are destructive to the earth and our wellbeing. There are eco-accommodating alternatives, however. Consider rugs made of fleece. Fleece is a unique asset spun into a string that can be coloured any shading believable and afterwards be woven to create a floor covering. It is one of the primary materials to be utilized as a story covering, is genuinely sturdy and can a centuries ago. In individual families, fleece floor coverings have been passed down from age to age, making them family legacies. Other common materials used to secure floor coverings or mats are sisal, jute and cotton.


Cleaned concrete is an impossible practical material that is picking up in notoriety. Concrete is commonly section on grade and utilized as subflooring in some privacy settings. In case it is cleaned and coloured to the mortgage holders’ taste and style, there is no requirement for the standard deck to be put over it. From making a tiled impact with various hues to trimming different materials, for example, glass the structure prospects are perpetual. Concrete floor polishing is very strong, simple to clean and never should be supplanted.


The elastic ground surface produced using reused tires are typically found at the nearby exercise centre or on the local play area. It is gradually discovering its way into our kitchens, sunrooms and washrooms as a flexible, excellent and enduring alternative. It is extraordinary to stroll on and water safe. It likewise comes in many shading and example choices.

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