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Wooden floors are the choice of the majority of homeowners because of their durable and sustainable nature.  Timber is known for giving home a rich and elegant look because of its extraordinary look and features.

Timber wood is one of the natural substances derived from trees organically and used for multipurpose in wide ranges of commercial and residential industries.  Though timber is long-lasting it is only durable for specific years, after that timber wood also restoration services.

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Investment in timber wood always returns with the extra value making your home beautiful and refurnished.

But every season affects wooden floorings differently, whether it is winter, summer, rainy season, or spring. So, to maintain the good condition of the wooden floor, it is advised to hire professional Experts in Floor Sanding in Melbourne for high-quality wooden sanding and polishing services. 

Wooden floorings maintenance for all seasons:

Unknowingly air, moisture, and dust tend to effects the wooden floors after particular periods of time.

Wooden floors start causing discoloration due to excess moisture during the rainy season.

Here are some of the useful wooden flooring maintenance tips that can help to maintain the long-life of timber floors with the proper care and efforts. 

  • Use carpets wherever necessary in a high-traffic area to keep floors clean and dust-free.
  • Prefer the standard carpets and rugs that are specially designed for timber wood floorings for effective maintenance.
  • Never use water to clean the wooden floors as it can damage the wood and make it weak.
  • Its good to clean stains and other dust using the damp wet cloth or piece of sponge lightly to maintain the polishing and shine of wooden floorings.
  • Don’t use soap or ammonium-based cleaners for the wooden floor cleaning.
  • Avoid wearing slippers on the clean wooden floor.
  • To maintain a better wooden floor condition, vacuum the floor weekly, else on a regular day, it can be clean by just normal sweeping and mopping.
  • Use high-quality wooden floor cleaners that are mild and chemical-free for cleaning wood every month.
  • Perform wooden floor inspection and refurnishment every 3 to 5 years for checking any damages.
  • Take proper care on the special occasions and festive seasons as the house may be crowded and full of traffic hence, it leads to more possibility of scratches, stains and other damages.

At last timber woods are one of the leading choices in the flooring industry nowadays because of their generous benefits.  Being an organic product, it is cost-effective hence, requires easy installation and maintenance.  Other than this, the timber wood floor goes with all types of interior decors and beautifies the look of the house. 

Bottom line:

Whether it is timber wood floors or marble floors, every flooring needs proper maintenance and care for preserving it for a long time.

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