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The best way to improve the shine and appearance of hardwood is Floor sanding Geelong. Sanding and polishing will also increase the durability of the floor. However, floor polishing Geelong accumulates a lot of dust, so it is advisable to use the latest dust-free sanders with double-stitched dust bags. Before you start, you can consider sealing the cabinet. Also, vacuum the doors and window frames to prevent clogging of hidden dust as the coat dries. 

Hardwood Floors 

Homes around the world have added warmth and elegance with unique hardwood floor options.  Floor sanding Geelong is incredibly durable and has lasted for over 20 years. During this time, you can frequently find sand and buff to update the look and shine of the floor. Initial installation costs are high, but the modern appeal and durability make them a valuable proposal. 

Grooved wooden board 

This is the traditional way to place a wooden board in the form of a composite. There are two nail methods, and you can choose which one to choose. Traditionally known as “top nails”, the technique is where the nail’s head is visible on the ground. The modern method is called “secret nails”, and, as expected, the nails are invisible, resulting in a perfect finish. 

Solid wood shelves 

This shelf is made entirely of wood, and its advantages are very similar to the traditional tongue and groove method. So if space matters, this is very useful. Now it is possible if you live in an apartment or want to lay a lower floor with a concrete floor; the nail technician is the same. 

Floating floors 

In contrast to traditional floors, these are not nailed. They can be placed on existing floors such as concrete, chipboard, flooring, tiles and plywood. Commercial floor cleaning services provide excellent sound insulation. For this reason, they love homes and high-rise condominiums. These floats can be wood, laminating and floor polishing are also important. 

A layer of hardwood board is glued to the high-density fiberboard. These can be purchased pre-coated or coated after installation. Solid parquet floors can be refinished and remain the most beneficial. The laminated floor is easy to clean, but the finish is excellent. 


Parquet is used to create iridescent patterns and chic geometric designs by combining precision crushed solid wood parts. You can choose from a variety of designs available or create your own. There are mosaic parquet and block parquet. The mosaic style is traditional, with tiny wooden fingers placed and provided as small panels. If you use larger blocks of wood and arrange them in a pattern of similar or contrasting blocks, this is known as a block parquet. 

It has excellent properties such as longevity, ease of maintenance, and the possibility of post-treatment by floor polishing Geelong. Always hire a professional for Floor sanding Geelong. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a one-stop-shop for all of your timber flooring requirements. Throughout the project, our team at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing strives to exceed our clients’ expectations and try to give the best Commercial floor cleaning services as client’s satisfaction is our priority.