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You are ready to give your concrete a sleek and attractive polished finish, but you might be wondering how much does concrete floor polishing costs. Well, you don’t need to wonder any longer, as we have the answer for you right here. 

Concrete polishing is a trendy way to make concrete floors look smooth and beautiful. It comes in many colours and styles and is popular for both homes and businesses. However, the cost of concrete floor polishing Melbourne service can vary between different contractors and slabs.

But what are the reasons behind the price differences among various concrete flooring options and contractors? In this article, we’ll break down the key factors that influence the cost of concrete polishing. 

Here are several key factors that influence the cost of polished concrete: 


The method used for polishing concrete plays a significant role in determining the cost. There are three main approaches: grind and seal, honing, and mechanical polishing. Each method utilises different equipment and materials. 

Grind and seal may require the addition of aggregates for texture, while honing includes a sealer as part of the treatment. Mechanical floor polishing Melbourne method involves the use of machines with diamond bits or varying grit sandpaper to manually polish the surface. 

The choice of method will impact both the materials required and labour costs.


The condition of the existing floor is a crucial factor in concrete floor polishing cost estimation. Rough surfaces, extensive cracks, dents, or other damage will necessitate more extensive repairs before polishing can begin. 

In some cases, multiple layers of concrete may need to be removed to achieve a level and polished finish. The worse the condition, the more time and effort will be required, increasing the overall cost.

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Accessibility to the areas that need polishing is another important consideration. If the space has many crevices, cutouts, or obstacles, it will take more time for workers to navigate and complete the job. 

On the other hand, wide-open spaces where multiple technicians can work simultaneously can expedite the process and potentially reduce costs.


The size of the area that needs to be polished is a fundamental determinant of cost. Most polished concrete projects are priced per square meter. Therefore, larger areas will naturally incur higher costs. However, economies of scale may come into play for very large projects, leading to potential cost savings. 

Polish Level 

Different levels of polish can be achieved with varying machinery, products, and grits. Whether you desire a matte, satin, high-gloss, or non-slip finish, the chosen level of polish will influence the cost of concrete polishing. Higher gloss levels typically require more intensive polishing processes, which can raise the overall price.


The timing of the project also affects costs. If you are polishing a newly poured concrete slab before any walls or obstacles are in place, the process is typically more straightforward and efficient. 

This can result in cost savings compared to polishing existing concrete in a finished building, where technicians must navigate around walls, cutouts, and trim work.


Polished concrete offers the flexibility to incorporate various design options and coatings. For instance, you can apply epoxy resin on top of the polished surface to enhance durability and aesthetics. 

This resin can be customised with tinting, colouring, metallic finishes, or flakes to create unique looks. While these extras can add beauty and functionality to your floor, they also come with additional costs.

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