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Polished concrete is a flooring option that is becoming popular every day with the different type of the floor polishing services Melbourne. It is not surprising that people are using this option in different configurations in the field of the various flooring option available, just like the concrete polishing in Melbourne option.

You can earn money in this area if you understand and execute the areas that we are going to highlight. This may seem like a simple concept, but starting to produce high-quality polished concrete is not an easy task.

“Polished concrete floors are often implemented in the remodelling of high traffic areas, such as health centres, shopping centres, airports and factories.”

People have many questions related to concrete polish, and here I am discussing this to ever seek people who wanted to know.

FAQs related to polished concrete:

  1. What is polished concrete?

Concrete is a natural material and is made of an aggregate combined with a cement binder and water. If you are now asking what the difference between concrete and cement is, then “cement is a component of concrete.”

To make the concrete surface smooth and attractive, it must first be treated with a chemical compressor that is applied to the concrete surface to fill the pores

  1. What are the challenges while installing a concrete floor?

The concrete polishing process is complex and requires an expert concrete polishing in Melbourne professional company. To achieve the desired surface finish, professional tools are needed.

  1. What types of colours, textures and surfaces are possible with concrete floors?

The choice of surfaces, colours and finishes is almost unlimited in terms of the concrete floor.

  • The type of concrete and the quality applied, as well as the polishing process.
  • The colour pigments can be mixed in the wet concrete to achieve any desired colour, or an acid or water-based pickling agent is used to dye the dry concrete.
  1. Is it necessary to seal the concrete floor? & what kind of care is necessary?

Concrete sealing is recommended but it is a very simple process. Concrete floors should be resealed every two or three years.

Caring for a concrete floor is simple: once a week, remove dust and dirt with a mop and then clean with a mild moistened detergent.

  1. How can I maintain the polished concrete?
  • Always use clean water and clean mops.
  • The floor should be mopped every day with a microfiber pad.
  • Try to clean stains as quickly as possible so they are not absorbed by the surface.
  • Use a neutral floor cleaner that can remove dirt more easily.
  • Make sure that cleaning products do not dry on the surface before removing them.

Final thought …

If you have still any questions related to polished concrete you can search or you can get knowledge from best floor polishing service from Melbourne.