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As far as your timber floors are concerned, you would require to maintain them over the years to retain the charm they have for many more years to come. Timber floors are indeed a luxury for every home. Homeowners, when they get bored of the timber floors, look for the timber floor sanding and polishing services in Melbourne to change the stain of the timber floor for a refreshed look.

Further, if it has become dull and tired, you would require residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne to provide the sanding and polishing service to get rid of everything on the timber floor that is affecting the aesthetics of the floor.

One thing that is common in both scenarios is you would require to hire the professional company or services provider. So, here are the factors that you must consider for hiring the company effectively.

Company Repo

The first thing you should look for in a professional provider is their track record. A company that provides A-grade services will never have a terrible reputation in the industry. Thus their track record will inform you whether or not you should engage them.

It may not tell you which one to hire, but it will certainly teach you how to go about doing it. You can make a list of a few local floor sanding and polishing companies, then examine their reputation to remove a few. 


This is an important consideration that should never be overlooked. No matter how many demands or options you have for your floors, you must stay within your comfortable budget to avoid unpleasant situations. Always inquire about the project’s estimated cost to ensure that you and the organisation are on the same page. Flooring solutions are a highly subjective business, with prices ranging from very low to extremely high, depending on the company and the work you do.


Any company should have permission that allows them to operate in a specific state. It aids in the prevention of illegal affiliations with organisations and the avoidance of legal troubles with the government. This what you can have the peace of mind that you have selected an authenticate company for the job.


A good company should be well-versed in the field and have a long history of working with clients in order to fully appreciate their requirements. Each of the employees that provide the service gets foreknowledge over the years. They then utilise this knowledge to provide better service with every next job. This is where the difference lies; there is a great degree of difference between the floors sanded and polished by experienced professionals and a newbie.

Guidance and Advice

Is it correct that when you employ a professional, you want them to make recommendations to help you make the best decision possible? When they have superior solutions for your worries, their years of experience and technological knowledge come in handy, ensuring that you are delighted. When it comes to floor sanding and polishing, it’s always best to locate a professional provider that can provide you with more than just workmanship.