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The wooden floors are increasingly becoming popular with the homeowners and so is the need for Floor Sanding Melbourne.

The wooden floors not only look attractive and timeless, but they are also very easy to be cleaned and maintained. But, with time once the golden finish scuffs off, the surface starts looking dull and scratched.

The ordinary retail products are not specialised to deal with the individual surface types and they often leave residue behind developing lifeless and dull impression that you’re left with.

floor sanding Melbourne

Dust free floor sanding treatment

There is a wonderful no dust wooden surface sanding treatment which is available not only for bringing life back to the surfaces but also for keeping the homes absolutely dust free while they are cleaned.

The main issue with the standard Floor Sanding Melbourne machines is the whole amount of the air borne dust which is developed during the process of sanding. This makes the environment of the house hazardous as well as unhealthy for the homeowner and the operator.

Use up to date machines

  • Employing up-to-date Floor Polishing Melbourne in the cleaning industry, dirt free machines use the advanced filter system enabling the worker to easily sand the wooden surfaces without even creating a dirty atmosphere.
  • Good professionals who care about the quality of your indoor air invest in a dust extraction system realising the significance and value to the clients for these kinds of systems.
  • All the dust and dirt contained in the huge protective machine bags and filter prevent the dirt and dust from reducing the effect of the machine. The dust extraction systems take very good care of a huge amount of dirt and old finish materials which would linger in your house for months after the finisher leaves.
  • The high power edge sanding systems have different head size for getting into the difficult to reach spots and are very powerful for removing even the deepest of the heel marks.
  • The power of dirt free sanders makes sure an impressively smooth finish, ready for wooden flooring to be resurfaced. A durable and smooth finish is applied making sure that the wooden surface is brought back to its original form and would be hard wearing for future.

Advantages for the experts and the home owners

There are a number of clear benefits for the experts as well as the property owners. A home owner benefits from eliminating air borne dust and dirt generated from traditional wooden Floor Sanding Melbourne, a machine which may sand in any directions without causing any harmful grain pattern, a safe environment for the family, a high quality finished product and an overall value for your money and most importantly peace of mind.

The professionals employing the no dust machines offer a more efficient and effective service, they can scrutinise their work and can easily perform their work, faster turn around and clean up with confidence they’re offering a refined product which is clean, smooth as well as durable.

So this is how Floor Sanding Melbourne helps in giving the floor a new look.


The process of Floor Sanding Melbourne involves a lot of experience and knowledge. That is why it is important to get it done only by professionals.