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The colour of your house is one of the most important decision you will make. It can set the tone for your home and influence how much personality it has. It is crucial that you choose right tone while floor sanding and polishing Melbourne project.

So, when choosing a stain for your timber flooring, why not try something dark or bold? Darker tones have been trending in interior design for some time now—and they’re not going away anytime soon. Here are some tips on how to choose dark-stained floors that go with your furniture:

Consider using a colour sampler

If you’re considering a particular colour during floor sanding and polishing Melbourne but aren’t sure if it will work with your furniture and another decor, consider using a colour sampler.

A colour sampler is simply small samples of the paint or stain that can be applied to large pieces of wood or cardboard. The sample can then be left out in various places in your home for several days so that you can see how it looks against various backgrounds and lighting conditions.

You may choose to create several different shades of one colour (for example, light oak or dark oak), or try out other colours altogether by testing them side-by-side with your existing piece. These are two great ways for finding out which tones will complement and enhance each other without having to commit to painting the entire room all at once!

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Boldly go for dark-toned furniture

Dark-toned furniture is a great way to add colour to your room. Darker furniture can make a room feel more spacious and elegant, while also helping create a cozy feeling.
You can achieve the look of dark-toned furniture with a few quick tricks:

  • Buy dark-toned flooring. If you want to go for this style, consider investing in floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services that will make sure your floors are as smooth as possible so they don’t clash with the rest of your home decorating scheme.
  • Opt for dark-coloured fabrics for upholstered pieces like sofas or chairs; this way when you’re sitting down at night watching TV, all eyes will be drawn toward the television instead of taking away from other areas in the room, such as wallpaper patterns above head level height!

Choose finish of your timber flooring that gives tradition touch

Dark timber is the most traditional way to stain a timber floor. It makes your flooring look richer, darker and more luxurious. You can choose between a dark brown or black colour which gives you a strong contrast with lighter shades of furniture or walls.

Dark timber floors are easy to maintain as they don’t require regular cleaning or waxing. They are made from solid timber, so they won’t bend or warp over time, even if they’re subjected to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

The dark colour also means that it hides any imperfections in your floorboards so if there are some cracks or marks on them, these will be less noticeable when stained in this way (as opposed to lighter colours).

Darker stained timber floors can be a great choice for any home, especially those with older furniture. This will allow you to make the most of what you already own and create a cohesive look that’s unique and timeless.

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