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Homeowners often believe that floor polishing is something they should do to improve the flooring appearance. You might have seen appealing videos online but however, the difference between what you see in the videos and what actually happens is that it can be difficult to implement in real life. The most important thing about these videos is to reveal only the positives and never discuss possible mistakes and how to avoid them. In this case, if you are stuck somewhere, this blog might help you with useful information that describes the most important errors, their solutions, and how to avoid them. 

 What are the most common mistakes? 

  • According to the reputable floor grinder, some problems during the process can affect the result. Therefore, knowing them is very important and the most common mistake is the use of poor quality products.
  • Ignores the importance of proper sealing. 
  • Treatment of uneven surfaces, burrs, holes and scratches. 
  • Setting up a high-quality machine that does not understand the importance of correct processing. According to experts, the completeness of the results of this task depends only on the machine used for this process. 
  •  It is recommended highly skilled floor sanders, but they should be equipped with the most advanced machines. 
  • In terms of machines, the most important thing is the sander that has an unmatched capability to capture dust and it should also carry out the hardest of tasks very easily. 
  • Other than this, good quality and a technically advanced edging machine are also needed. 
  • The last machine required for completing the process of floor sanding is a finishing/buffing machine that is used to create a wonderful smoothness on the floor and give it a professional finish. 
  • Experts add that hiring these machines is a very costly affair; therefore you need to make sure that only the most advanced machines are hired to help you get the best results.

How does it work? 

Floor sanding and wooden floor rework are as follows: 

Floor cleaning is the prime thing that needs to be done before First, a specialist thoroughly cleans the floor and prepares for the sanding process. 

Flooring Sanding  

In the next step, these experts will start sanding the flooring until all the old surfaces have been removed and smoothed. 


The next step is dying. Especially if you decide to polish the floor instead of leaving the natural colour. 

In this step, these professionals apply the floor once or twice for best results. 

Flooring Finish After dyeing, wait for the floor to dry before further coating for a more attractive finish. 

This coating is a polyurethane varnish, and when this coating is applied, the area looks great and looks like new.

Hope you found the above blog useful and informative for your Timber Floor buffing and cleaning in Melbourne. Hire total floor sanding and polishing if you want to improve the aesthetic look of your home. Our professionals suggest the best solution with significant years of knowledge and experience. Share your thoughts regarding the timber flooring and maintenance in the comment box.