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Timber floors are one of the popular options from ancient times. As timber is a highly-prefered natural resource, it is the top priority by most commercial and residential sectors for the aesthetic look and feels. Due to its versatile nature, timber can adapt all styles to suit personal and professional space. Any timber floor project can last long if installation and everything is done with 100% expertise. 

It’s crucial to give attention to the starting phase to get the job done correctly. If you are looking for Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, it’s essential to ask specific questions to get the best out of timber floor installations; continue reading the blog to be aware of the questions to ask the expert.

  • How To Store The Timber Wood Before The Installation Project?

Moisture is the enemy of timber; try to keep the timber wood in a dry place as much as possible. It is critical to unload the wood in dry weather. The reason for this is that too much moisture in your wood can cause it to shrink, perhaps causing harm to the entire floor. If feasible, unload the flooring in good weather; never unload in the rain.

  • Can We Install Timber Wood In Any Room?

Yes. Hardwood flooring may now be placed in any house room, thanks to the wide range of products and installation techniques available. The sole decision to be made is whether the floor will be built on/above or below ground level. On/above-grade hardwood installation is possible with any hardwood. Solid hardwood, for example, is not suggested for installations below grade, such as in a basement, due to potential moisture issues. Engineered items, which are dimensionally stable by nature, are a superior option in this case.

  • Is It Safe To Install Hardwood Flooring On Stairs And Other Places?

Yes, it looks good on stairs, but consider the traffic at your home, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Go for the non-slip tape to prevent accidents and falls. Wood stairs and flooring can be different; hence it’s crucial to give proper attention to the timber wood stairs.

  • Which Timber Wood Installation Method Is Suitable?

The procedure for installing hardwood flooring is determined by the type of product you select, the installation location, and the type of subfloor. The three types of installation are nail down, glue down, and floating. For example, if you’re remodelling your kitchen, some goods, such as vinyl or ceramic tile, maybe “float” over most sub-floors, avoiding the trouble and expense of tearing up the existing floor and constructing a subfloor.

  • How Much Distance Is Important Between The Flooring And The Wall?

An expansion space of 15mm towards the walls is sufficient when glueing Real Wood to the subfloor. It’s crucial to have a distance of at least 5mm from the wall for the safe flooring installation, while a longitudinal expansion gap of 15mm is appropriate.

Floors are the aesthetic way to decorate the floors and walls, but it can turn into a troublesome situation if it’s not done in the right way. 

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