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How to in Fact Fine Sand the Flooring? This is the very first and the most important question that needs to be dealt with beforehand.

We sand around the edges of the area with the edging sander as well as sand the remainder of the flooring with the big drum sander. If you have really, really uneven floorboards, we could start by fining sand (with the big drum sander) diagonally to the floorboards to even points out and after that go on to fining sand in the direction of the boards. As a basic Melbourne based timber floor staining regulation, we always sand with the grain of the wood.

What Type of Sandpaper to Use?

We utilise 24 grit, 40 grit, 80 grit and also 120 grit. We start sanding the floor with some actually rugged sandpaper (we began with 24 grit paper). After removing the majority of the old layers of varnish, tarnish as well as grime, we can go on the much less coarse paper.

If We Have eliminated all of the Dirt and Also Gunks with the Coarse Paper, Why Do We Sand it Again with Finer Paper?

The truly crude paper will really eat into the floorboards as well as leave a very rough surface area. With each sand with better paper, you are smoothing and also removing out the roughness of the wood. We do not miss the actually fine paper either. It truly does make your tinting timber floor a lot smoother, extra professional as well as less complicated to keep.

How Much Sandpaper We Need to Sand A Flooring?

Switch sandpaper regularly– it’s definitely something we discovered the hard way. The much more regularly we change the paper, the much faster we are able to sand the floorings. Don’t underestimate the quantity of paper you will certainly require, either. When working with the timber floor staining Melbourne equipment you purchase the paper, as well, but usually, you can return any type of surplus. You don’t intend to lack paper, especially if you’re working at the weekend and also can’t get hold of even more! For the large drum sander, we utilise about 12 sheets of 24 grit, 8 sheets of 40 grit paper, 8 sheets of 80 grit paper and also 5 sheets of 120 grit paper. For the bordering sander, we use about the very same amount of each grit again.

Can We Sand Floorboards with a Hand Sander?

It would certainly also end up being a false economic climate, as even if you do not count the difficult amount of time it would require to do, we would most likely likewise wind up going through such a ridiculous quantity of sandpaper that it may even wind up costing you more than to hire tinting timber floor equipment!