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Do you know that your floors play a vital role in adding value to your home? Of course, you sweep the floor every day, but you think that is enough. Not really. When a specific part plays such an essential role in improving the appearance of your home, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to take good care of it. Well, many companies can help you with Floor Polishing in Melbourne while offering a complete sanding and polishing service for wood.

Once you have chosen a reliable service provider for the process, you can ensure that your floor polishing and sanding services are optimal. But before opting for the same, you need to know the benefits.

 Here we discuss some sanding and polishing steps and things to keep in mind. 

  • Remove Old Finish

Scrutinize the entire surface and adequately remove any raised corners or nails, holes, nicks, or dents. Clean up any sticky material as it can ruin the whole sanding and Concrete Floor Polishing process. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and all furniture removed before starting.

  • Use the Portable Edge Sander. 

You can rent floor sanders or let the professionals do all the work for you. If you do it yourself, be sure to use a portable sander as it will perform better as needed. Before you begin, ask experts to demonstrate how to operate machines and install sanding belts.

  • Cover Openings Before starting the process

Cover all openings, such as electrical switches, plugs, and heating ducts. Use tape and heavy plastic to cover all these things, and it is best to put leaves on the door. Remove all furniture, curtains, rugs, and blinds, as it will be easier to work in an empty room.

  • Start Coarse Sanding 

Starting in the corner of the room and sanding diagonally with 24-grit sandpaper will help you properly smooth the edges or joints of the floorboard. Keep windows open to ventilate while using machines. Make sure that the sandpaper belt does not touch the ground when the engine is on. The sandpaper belt should brush the floor as you slowly push the machine forward.

  • Start with medium and fine sanding. 

Floor polishing in Melbourne with 40-grit sandpaper, load the 80-grit machine to repeat the same process. Cover the central area of the room first, then cover the edges. When you are done with the medium sanding, clean and vacuum up all the dust. Use 100-120 grit sandpaper for fine sanding and make your surfaces silky smooth.

Once the entire sanding process is complete, it’s time to give your floors a smooth, shiny finish. Concrete floor polishing is like a mask that protects the surface from wear. There are a variety of finishes to choose from, but make sure they blend well with the texture and colour of your existing floor. 

The points above are reason enough to decide on floor polishing and sanding services effectively. There is nothing wrong with keeping the place where you live clean and neat. But be wise to choose the right floor polishing in Melbourne company. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a leading company with many years of floor cleaning and polishing industry experience. We are the best option if you are looking for shiny, clear, and clean floors, as we have the expertise and a skilled team.