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Wood floor installation indicates that your interior is almost ready to welcome furniture and, ultimately, prepared to be moved in.

But it is common to have a few questions before taking on this crucial task.

We have covered the nine most commonly asked questions regarding floor installation Melbourne for you to proceed with the best knowledge possible!

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Q1. What are the proper ways to maintain and store my timber floor before installation?

It is imperative that you unload the wood in dry weather. If at all possible, do not unload flooring in poor weather. This is because excess moisture in your wood can cause shrinking and may ruin your entire flooring.

For best results, let the flooring acclimatise for 2 to 3 days in the room where it will be installed.

Q2. Can I put up a hardwood floor in any room?

Yes. Hardwood flooring may now be installed in any room of the house due to the diversity of goods available and the selection of installation methods.

The floor installation Melbourne above or below grade is the only factor to consider. Solid hardwood is not advised for installations below grade, such as in a basement, due to possible moisture issues.

For this application, engineered items are preferable since they are dimensionally stable by nature.

Q3. Is it possible to place solid wood over linoleum?

The simple answer is yes! The only thing to consider is that the linoleum remains tightly glued to the original subfloor.

Q4. Can stairs be built with solid wood?

Yes, but be mindful of your surroundings before making a choice because it can be slippery.

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Q5. What type of installation is ideal?

The type of hardwood flooring you choose, the location where it will be installed, and the subfloor material will all influence the installation technique.

The three types of installation are nailed down, glued down, and floating.

Q6) What is floating floor installation?

When a layer of underlay is used, the flooring is said to be floating. The individual planks are fastened or bonded together but not to the permanent floor. This is how laminate flooring is typically installed, but it is not advised as the ideal way to instal solid wood floors because the floor would appear to “float” over the underlay.

Q7) How much space should there be between the walls and the floorboards?

When gluing Real Wood to the subfloor, it is necessary to leave a 15mm expansion gap towards the walls. When installing a floating floor, the expansion gap must be at least 5mm from the wall for every metre of installation width and 15mm throughout the length.

Q8) Should I plan for a certain amount of waste?

Even though we have stringent sorting criteria and rigorous quality control, there may be some material-specific quirks that clients encounter throughout the on-site selection and installation process that will need to be eliminated.

For cutting scrap, we often advise a 7–10% increase in the room’s total square footage.

Q9) Does the flooring experience any effects from sunlight?

Yes, the colour of all types of wood will vary over time. Light-coloured wood kinds won’t always become lighter throughout this process, while dark wood types will turn darker.

Every kind of wood has a distinct ageing process that determines its behaviour.

We hope our question-answer session was able to cover most of your queries regarding floor installation Melbourne services. Contact Total Floor Sanding and Polishing for further clarifications or questions.