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Having a timber deck can add an extra layer of beauty to your outdoor area. However, due to the harsh elements that timber is exposed to, it can start to look worn and tired over time. That’s where professional floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services come in! Keep reading to find out the top five ways sanding and polishing your timber decking can revitalize it.

1. Restore Colour & Shine

Over time, UV damage from being exposed to the sun and dirt build up from rain can cause your timber decking to appear dull and faded. This is where floor sanding and polishing Melbourne comes in. A professional will use high-grade abrasives which not only remove dirt build up but also restore colour and shine back into the wood.

2. Remove Splinters

Wood splinters are a common problem when it comes to decks that have been left untreated for some time. Professional sanders use specialized equipment that removes splinters while still preserving the integrity of the wood itself, ensuring a smooth finish when they’re done with their work.

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3. Enhance Durability

Sanding helps get rid of any damaged fibres on the surface of the wood which then makes it more durable than before. It also helps protect against future wear-and-tear by increasing its resistance against water damage, UV rays, and other environmental factors that could cause further damage down the line.

4. Reduce Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential if you want your deck to look good for years to come but this can be difficult without proper sanding techniques in place. A professional sander will be able to take care of all these needs for you so you don’t have to worry about constantly having to do maintenance on your own every few months or so just to keep it looking nice.

5. Increase Value

Last but certainly not least, having a professionally sanded and polished deck will actually increase its value significantly. Not only does this make it much easier for you if you ever decide to sell off your house, but it also ensures that potential buyers won’t have any qualms about purchasing a home with an old , well-maintained deck as part of its features .

If your timber deck is starting to look a bit worse for wear, then hiring a professional floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing could be exactly what it needs! Not only will they be able restore colour & shine back into your wood, they’ll also enhance its durability while reducing maintenance requirements over time – all while increasing its value in the process! So if you’re looking for ways to breathe new life into your outdoor area, then why not give our professional sanders a try? They’ll be sure leave you with results that will last for years!