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So, you’ve decided it’s time to refinish those hardwood floors. Great idea. But before you pull out the sandpaper and start scrubbing away, ask yourself: do you want to do it yourself? Sure, DIY-ing the project will save you a few bucks, but are the potential headaches and less-than-stellar results worth it?

Here are 7 reasons floor sanding Melbourne experts get the best results and why you should hire a pro. Unless you’re an experienced woodworker, chances are your floor refinishing skills leave something to be desired.

Professionals have the proper training, technique, and equipment to sand floors evenly and efficiently without damaging the wood. They know the suitable grits for each step to get ultra-smooth floors. And they can stain, seal, and finish floors for a durable, flawless finish.

So do yourself a favour and call in an expert. Your floors – and your sanity – will thank you.

Floor Sanding Melbourne Requires Specialised Equipment

Floor sanding requires specialised equipment that DIYers don’t have access to or experience using. Here are a few reasons why floor sanding experts get superior results:

Industrial sanders

Floor sanding contractors have heavy-duty sanders, edges and buffers explicitly designed for sanding wood floors. These high-powered machines can sand an entire floor quickly and efficiently. In contrast, the small handheld sanders available for DIY use take a long time to sand an entire floor and don’t provide an even, smooth finish.

Dust containment

Professional floor sanding Melbourne experts use specialised dust containment and extraction systems to minimise airborne dust. Not only does this provide a cleaner work environment, but it also prevents dust from settling into the wood’s pores. DIY sanding typically results in dust covering the entire room, which is then unthoroughly cleaned before applying a finish.


Floor sanding contractors have years of experience sanding all types of wood floors. They understand how different types of wood react to sanding and what techniques produce the best results. They are also skilled at avoiding common mistakes like sanding through the veneer or sanding too aggressively. Inexperienced DIYers often end up with uneven, splotchy floors that require re-sanding.

Time savings

A professional crew can sand and refinish an average-sized floor in 1-2 days. In contrast, a DIYer may spend weeks sanding and finishing their floor while living in a construction zone. Time is money, and professional floor sanding services allow homeowners to get their space back up and running quickly.

Guaranteed results

Reputable and professional floor sanding companies guarantee high-quality results and will re-sand the floor at no charge if issues arise with the final finish. DIY floor sanding provides no guarantee, and re-doing a botched sanding job requires purchasing more materials and investing more time. Hiring the pros is worth it for the peace of mind alone for many homeowners.

So search for our floor sanding experts near me, as we have the proper equipment, experience, techniques and guarantees to sand wood floors quickly, efficiently and beautifully. Although DIY sanding may seem appealing, the pros far outweigh the cons for most homeowners.

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We Have the Proper Safety Gear and Training

Floor sanding and refinishing require heavy machinery and harsh chemicals, so safety is paramount. DIYers often don’t realise the dangers or have the necessary protective equipment. Floor sanding experts know how to sand a floor and on the other hand, have extensive training and always come prepared with the following:

  • Respirators and dust masks to prevent inhalation of wood dust and fumes
  • Safety goggles to shield eyes from flying debris and wood dust
  • Heavy-duty gloves to protect hands from splinters, abrasions and chemicals
  • Steel-toed work boots for moving and operating heavy equipment

Proper Technique and Experience

Our Floor sanding Melbourne pros have years of experience and know the proper techniques to get the best results for each floor type. They understand how wood like oak, maple or pine responds to sanding and staining. They know how to work with the grain using the correct grits of sandpaper and how to avoid sanding too deeply. Amateurs often end up with uneven, blotchy or wavy floors.

Experts also have high-tech sanding equipment explicitly designed for floors that helps get the job done quickly while minimising dust. For homeowners, renting or buying the necessary floor sanders, edges, and buffers is expensive, and the learning curve to operate them properly is steep. It’s easy for DIYers to end up with swirl marks, gouges or an uneven finish.

They Seal and Protect Your Floor

After sanding, flooring professionals apply multiple coats of sealant and protective finishes like polyurethane or lacquer. These protective layers help prevent damage from spills, scratches, fading, and wear. Professionals have the equipment and experience to apply these finishes evenly and avoid drips or brush marks. They also know how long to wait between coats for the best results.

Hiring our floor sanding experts for safety, health, efficiency, and professional results is well worth the investment. Your floors are smooth, protected and beautiful when the professionals do the job right the first time.

Floor Sanding Experts Know How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Experts Know How to Avoid Common Mistakes When sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, experience matters. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to do the job right the first time without damaging your floors. They understand how to steer clear of mistakes that amateurs frequently make.

Improper Sanding Technique

Sanding hardwood floors requires using progressively finer grits of sandpaper in the proper sequence. Going too aggressively can cause swirl marks, scratches and uneven areas. Experts know how to sand evenly and efficiently. They are also skilled at operating heavy-duty floor sanding equipment. Amateurs often end up with a rough, blotchy finish from improper sanding.

Not Cleaning Up Dust

Floor sanding creates an incredible amount of dust. Professionals use industrial vacuums and dust containment systems to clean up dust between sanding and staining thoroughly. Dust on the floor will prevent stains and sealers from adhering correctly and ruin the final finish.

Choosing the Wrong Finish

There are many types of stains and sealers for hardwood floors, including oil-based and water-based polyurethane, lacquer and wax. Selecting an incompatible finish can lead to poor adhesion, uneven sheen and other issues. Flooring experts are highly knowledgeable about finish options and can recommend the best choice for your flooring type and needs.

Inadequate Coats

Multiple coats of stain and sealant are typically required for the most durable finish, with adequate drying time between coats. Not applying enough coats can lead to a lack of protection, while too many coats may result in uneven sheen, drips or brush marks. Professionals have the experience to know how many coats are needed to achieve an attractive, long-lasting finish.

Lack of experience

There is simply no substitute for experience. Floor sanding and refinishing is an art form that takes time to master. Professionals have sanded and refinished countless floors, allowing them to work efficiently with minimal mistakes. Their experience and expertise will provide superior results compared to an amateur.

When your hardwood floors are at stake, it’s best to rely on the experts. Professional floor sanding companies have the proper training, techniques and experience to do the job thoroughly, achieving a high-quality, smooth finish that will last for years.

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Professionals Work Quickly and Efficiently

Experience and Proper Equipment

The best floor sanding experts have years of experience and the proper heavy-duty equipment to sand floors efficiently. They can operate belt sanders, edges, and buffers to quickly and evenly sand the floor. Their equipment is powerful enough to handle even old, tough floors. If you tried to rent equipment to DIY, it would take you many hours of struggle to get the same results the pros can achieve in a fraction of the time.

Dust Control and Cleanup

Professionals work carefully to contain dust during the sanding process. They use tools like dust extractors, barriers, and protective gear to minimise mess. At the end of the job, they thoroughly clean the area, leaving your space dust-free. Attempting to sand floors yourself would create a cloud of wood dust circling you and settling into every nook and cranny of the room.

Attention to Detail

Experts sand floors with meticulous attention to detail. They ensure an even, smooth finish by sanding floors at just the right grit and making multiple passes. Professionals expert floor sanding check their work with a bright light and sand out any swirl marks, scratches or uneven areas before moving on. They have an eye for imperfections and know how to remedy them. As a DIYer, you likely wouldn’t recognise some of these issues until the project is done and the floor is sealed—at which point correcting them becomes difficult and time-consuming.

You’ll Get a High-Quality, Long-Lasting Finish

When you hire floor sanding experts, you ensure a high-quality, durable finish that lasts years. Here are a few reasons why the pros get the best results:

Experience and Expertise

Floor sanding and refinishing is an art form that takes years of experience to master. Professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle any wood floor – from pine to oak to exotic hardwoods. They understand how different woods react to sanding and which techniques and products will achieve the best outcome for your specific floor.

High-Quality Equipment

Pro floor sanders invest in commercial-grade equipment explicitly designed for sanding and refinishing wood floors. Powerful sanders, edgers, and buffing pads allow them to efficiently and effectively sand even the hardest wood floors. They also have dust extraction systems to minimise mess and airborne particles in your home.

Premium Finishes

Professionals have access to high-performance finishes not available to DIYers. These finishes contain higher solids that provide superior protection and durability. Many are low-VOC, low-odour, and fast-drying. The pros are also experts at custom-blending stains to create a custom colour match for your floors.

A Smooth, Even Finish

Achieving an ultra-smooth, glossy finish requires a skilled multi-step technique. Floor sanding experts methodically sand the floor with progressively finer grits of sandpaper until the surface is perfectly smooth. They then apply 2-3 coats of finish, buffing and sanding in between coats. The result is a flawless, glass-like finish free of swirl marks, drips or brush strokes.

Warranties and Guarantees

A reputable floor sanding company stand behind their work with warranties and guarantees. They will warranty the finish for a minimum of 3 years and may guarantee their work for up to 10 years. If there are any issues with the finish during that time, they will re-sand and re-finish the floor at no cost to you. That’s real peace of mind and value for your investment.


In summary, floor sanding Melbourne experts from Total Floor Sanding And Polishing is the wise decision to connect with. Our floor sanders have the professionalism, skills, tools, products and experience to deliver superior results and long-lasting protection for your wood floors. Hire our professionals for the highest quality finish and many years of enjoyment from your newly refinished floors.