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Whether it’s springtime or not, cleaning your office is never out of season. Go ahead and de-clutter your workspace. It will not only make every square foot more useful. Simple cleaning and organising tricks can give your office a new look – a much more pleasant place to accomplish your business.

If you already have a difficult time sorting documents for signing and those for sending, then it’s definitely time to do some serious clean-up. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne provide following five simple things to focus on that will refresh your work space.

Task #1 – Look at the big picture.

And see which ones make it pretty and functional. All the others that you just don’t know anymore the reason why they’re there you just have to get rid of.

You might have a cabinet that you’ve been using from your former office that’s just too bulky for or not blending in your new space. If it doesn’t fit, let go of it and find something suitable.

Task #2 – Clear the table.

Think about it – what else do you really need to have on your desk everyday? The office phone (or phones) and your computer, right?

There really isn’t any need for you to have a scanner and a printer on your desk. You should have equipment like these placed on a separate stand, preferably one that comes with shelves or drawers where you can keep papers, reserve ink, etc.

If you’ve got a mountain of papers on your desk, maybe you should have a two-level tray for the important documents. Limit them to those you need to read right away and those you need your assistant to send or file. At the end of the day, these documents should be cleared. Otherwise, it would mean that there are significant tasks unfinished. Organising your desk also helps you accomplish daily work.

Task #3 – Don’t let your desk drawers suffer.

After clearing out your desk, please don’t just stash them in the drawers, leaving them stuffed and looking like a trash bin. Buy plastic trays and dividers to keep all your documents and supplies sorted.

Be sure to get organisers that are of the right size. And check out innovative ones, like trays that you can slide on top so it’s like you have two levels of storage in one drawer.

Task #4 – Know the latest – even in office equipment, furniture and accessories.

May be you need just one phone with multiple features, instead of two or three separate ones. If you rarely need a photocopying machine, maybe a scanner-copier hybrid would be better for you – space-saving and better-looking.

If you have a limited space, look at some minimalist furniture pieces in the market. They easily fit into small areas and look elegant, too.

Task #5 – Use up the space for more personality.

Now that you’ve cleared your desk, you now have space to place a desk accessory – like that bonsai you’ve always wanted to display but couldn’t due to the clutter. Or perhaps, you’ve discarded that standalone floor-to-ceiling filing cabinet, so you now have wall space to hang your precious painting.

These tasks will not just help you accomplish the obvious goal of having a cleaner workspace. It can even help you complete your daily activities. Lastly, it can also give you a more personalised office that you’ll be glad to show off.

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