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In recent times, timber floor staining services in Melbourne have become increasingly demanding for residences and commercial industries because Timber makes the best option for flooring.

It’s due to the durability and cost-effectiveness that we offer at Total Floor Sanding & Polishing, along with sturdiness and astounding beauty. 

It’s impractical to expect an existing timber floor in an older home to look just like a modern feature floor built recently in a show home. Existing older timber floors can have various flaws that affect the overall appearance of the finished product.

Listed here are some of the most common imperfections you may confront when going for sanding or polishing. 


Since older homes are more likely to have spills, injuries, and leaks over time, depending on what caused the stain, some will sand out entirely, and others will only sand out partially. The following stains are almost impossible to remove:

  • Animal urine
  • Rust stains around nails
  • Some water stains that have been exposed to a water source over an extended period of time
  • Burns 

Cuts and gouges

It’s common to find utility knife cuts across the perimeter of rooms, which were caused by carpet layers cutting the carpet to size alongside the skirting board at some point in the past.

These wounds and any deep scratches or gouges will cause moisture to penetrate deeper into the wood at that specific point over time.

Although the original scratch or cut may have been fully sanded out after the floor has been sanded and primed for coating, it’s normal for a darker discolouration to remain where the scratch was placed after the coating has been applied. 

Walls removed

Since removing the old floor coverings, it’s possible that the layout of the rooms was altered at some point in the past by the removal of a wall or two.

It’s also normal for kitchen cabinetry to have been extended or reshaped over time.

It will appear as a darker moisture mark stained into the timber boards in the form of a wall or cabinet. 

In most cases, these stains will not sand out entirely, and how much moisture the floor has been exposed to will dictate how much sanding is needed.

If it’s in the kitchen, it’ll probably be a permanent stain because it’s been exposed to more moisture than, say, the living room.

Wood borers and termites

Borers or termites can cause damage to your boards, depending on the type of wood you use. The extent of the damage will always not be exposed until the floor has been sanded.

If the harm is minimal and does not compromise the board’s structural integrity, it’s possible to fill it with a suitable filler that matches the colour of the board closely.


Professionalism is essential for such situations; therefore, it is advisable to hire the best residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne that we are proud to be one Total Floor Sanding & Polishing.