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Timber floor in your property is great to look at, but they need protection. You often face the problem of discoloured tops or swollen boarding. This is because you always ignore small spillage or leakage. After all, you think it will dry out and not affect the wood. However, this small negligence causes great destruction and shortens the life of your floor. So, as soon as you see any kind of leakage or spillage of liquid on the floor, you should immediately measure it with Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne for best service.

Moreover, if you want to protect your flooring from damage, you should take immediate action against the problem. On Total Floor Sanding and Polishing, we are passionate about repairing and restoring all types of wood flooring. Combining those traditional methods with modern-technological technologies and machinery, our qualified experienced team will provide the perfect quality service from initial concept to completion. Our objective is to continue to develop our range of products and maintain our highly recommended service.

From time to time your wood floor will need to be repaired, either to remove scratches or stains or to repair a floor that was badly laid in the first place. You may need to take the help of experienced experts to remove the stain. Here are some situations where you will be able to make repairs instead of replacing your floor.

Minor damage by water 

If your home is flooded any of time, it is major damage and you will need to replace your floor. But if you have slight damage to your floor from mopping or bathroom leakage, you can dry your floor with fans, Floor Sanding and Polishing in Geelong service can be done it. 

Scratches or cracks

Scratches or cracked on timber flooring may also require the services of a floor preparing from Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne. If the scratches are clear or large so that they attract attention. This can move away from the natural beauty of the floor and highlight other problems. The type of repair required depends on the depth of the scratches. Light scratches or cracks need light scaling to get rid of scratches on the finish. 

Noisy timber floorboards 

Noisy floorboards do not need to replace the boards for repairs. The solution can be simple to make a floor or to make a glue. It can be in the normal course of timber floor finishing processes. Nailing it will tighten the board with joists. This will stop ‘nail squeaks’ or loose green floorboards from cracking against the nails as they pass. \


Timber floor is undoubtedly the most popular flooring option for a wooden structure. Most floors can then be repaired whether it is white ant damage or man-made damage. Don’t panic, if you think your timber floors are unsafe, hire Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne. We have our experienced experts to repair and improve old timber floorboards as new.