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It’s been a trend for a couple of years to restore the old wood flooring with the help of wooden Floor Sanding techniques in Melbourne. It not only has remarkable and beautiful results but its also eco-friendly process.

You will be able to restore your wooden surface perfectly which just needs a makeover, not encouraging more of wood to be cut. From health’s point of view also it is very good as the wooden flooring is very healthy as compared to the carpets that can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust.

floor sanding Melbourne

floor sanding Melbourne

5 Important tips for hiring Floor Sanding Melbourne professionals

Before you hire a Floor Sanding Melbourne company, it is very important to follow a few tips.

  1. The very first thing which you need to keep in mind is that in most of the cases once the carpet is taking there are very high chances that you would notice narrow gaps as well as imperfections that will have to be corrected before the job begins. This is the very first tip which needs to be considered. If this is not properly done, the final result would not be good. All such imperfections as well as gaps maybe filled with the help of fillets.
  2. Now days there are various effective machines available in the market which help in doing the job for you. However, if you aren’t familiar with them, you need to be careful if you aren’t skilled and if you reside one place for a very long time. The machines can eat into the surface and thus you need to first get used to the machines by practising when it is turned off.
  3. For doing the Floor Polishing Melbourne job professionally you need to have different sand papers. A good and trained professional company would use a 7 tier system that finishes the surface eventually with a fine and professional sand paper.
  4. Before you apply the selected lacquer a procedure that is known as enabling should be carried out. It helps in giving a smooth surface. Once it’s done, its best to give 3 coats of extremely high- traffic lacquer keeping in mind that there’re a number of eco-friendly products available in the market. Before applying the chosen lacquer a process which is called de-nibbling needs to be carried out. This will help result in a very smooth surface. Once this is done it is best to apply three coats of high traffic lacquer, remembering that there are many environmentally friendly products available.
  5. And finally you may apply stain. In case the task is correctly done, you would be extremely impressed with transformed room. Some of the people, who like doing things on their own, employ the machines and also do the job on their own.


The process of Floor Polishing Melbourne becomes very easy if done in the right manner. You just need to follow some important tips to do it in the right manner.