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You might not know that most of the Flooring Contactor that you hire doesn’t clear you all with information of flooring essentials. Obviously, every business man wants to do business and they will try to make profit through every project. No doubt, they will provide you with the premium services but there are some business ethics and stuff that contractor will never disclose. You can say it is their secret key to ensure the smooth and profitable business. Keep on reading the blog to know the things that you should not discuss with the flooring contractor!

Never tell the contractor that he is the only bidder 

Always get at least 3 bids. The more bids you have, the better. Divide each bid into material and labour costs. This is very helpful when comparing each contractor. Never tell the contractor that he is the only one bidding on the job. Because it gives him too much power. 

Don’t specify the exact budget 

For example: tell your Contractor that your budget is $ 20,000 and you’ll find a way to bid $ 20,000, even if it’s low. Instead, get a quote for the work you need and compare material and labour costs to other quotes so you can make informed decisions. 

If you want to prepay, don’t ask the contractor for a discount 

It’s very stupid to ask the contractor to prepay the full amount of the unpaid amount. If you pay the contractor in advance, they may not do a good job after all, or some may take your money. Contractor can be considered an employee. This may be wrong in some case because licensed contractors are trained to do every task with efficiency. 

Don’t tell the contractor that you’re not in a hurry 

If you tell the contractor that you’re not in a hurry to complete the project, they will prioritize your work as a top priority. They take on other jobs and spend time doing things other than getting your job done. You need to communicate your schedule and specify the weekly expectations you have to get the job done. Be sure to set a date and deadline and let the contractor know that you will lose money if the work is not completed within a reasonable amount of time. 

Don’t let the contractor choose the material 

It is very important to decide about the exact material to use for the project. There are high-end products, low-end products, and intermediate products for each type of material. Learn about the differences between each type of material so you can choose based on your needs. He can really make fun of you if you allow the contractor to make all these decisions for you. You can also use materials from other professions or choose materials that are too high or too low. 

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