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Do you ever wonder that whether you should replace your floor or repairing will work? Well, it could be difficult to decide on your own. That’s why Total Floor Sanding And Polishing is here to help you. They have been the leading residential floor repairs company in Melbourne for several years. The experienced team of professionals is the biggest reason why people prefer them for every floor concern.

So let’s get to know when to repair and when to replace your furniture.

Signs to Replace your Floor

Uneven and Sunken Parts

Have you noticed a soft spot under the floor? This could be the sign of rotting panel underneath. It’s better to replace the panel before it rots other parts of the floor.  

Musty Smell in the Area

The mould or mildewy smell is an alarming sign of water damage. But it’s not easy to find the damage point. If you are feeling musty smell in a certain area under your carpet or timber floor, you are likely dealing with a damaged subfloor.  

Loudly Squeaking Floor Board

A squeaky subfloor can be the result of loose nails connected to them. As you move on such floor the nails go in and out of the wood making an awful sound.

When you walk the floor bounce or shifts

It’s normal to have a springy feeling in your step, but not when it comes from your floor. If your floor is bouncy, spongy, springy, or the floorboard is shifting when you walk, it’s time to hire timber floor repairs services.

Cracked Tiles

Tiles are inflexible and can crack easily if a strong and rigid surface is not provided underneath. If you have noticed a crack on your tiles, it’s a sign that your tiles need to be replaced. 

Cupping Hardwood

Home’s high humidity can be the reason behind floor cupping. Besides, it could indicate that the water is warping up under the tiles.

Leaky Ceiling

You might be thinking – “what on earth a leaky ceiling has to do with floor replacement?” Well, it can indicate a slow leak in your home. OSB and plywood can easily absorb moisture and the leaking ceiling means water has been absorbed soaked through the material completely. 

Signs for Repairing the Floor

Gaps in the Floor

If you see some gap in your floor, it doesn’t mean you should replace is direct. In some cases, repairing can be done. Gaps can be filled out and your floor can be restored easily. 

Fine Cuts

It’s easy to treat fine cuts and dents. But if ignored, can lead to big and wide cracks.

Signs of Crowning

Rapidly changing moisture level can damage your maple floor. This frequently happens when the moisture level of the top and bottom surfaces are different. It can be repaired by experts in no time. 

Now that you know when to repair and when to replace your floor, make Total Floor Sanding and Polishing your partner. They even offer timber floor buffing and cleaning services in Melbourne.


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