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Do you know the right way to clean your floor after successfully getting it done by a concrete polishing company in Melbourne? If not, this short guide will be more than helpful for you.

Below, we have listed some pro tips that will help you to manage and clean your concrete floor.

So let’s readout!

  1. Normal Maintenance

Normal or regular cleaning relies on traffic in a particular area. For example, if you have greater traffic in a certain area, it must be cleaned every day. And, if there hardly is any traffic in the area, clean it once in a week. 

You can also schedule cleaning hours such as in the morning or the evening so that the floor gets enough time to clean and dry out.

With regular cleaning you can keep the floor new and shiny whether it’s the concrete or any other material. 

  1. Manual cleaning

Remove all the dust and debris from the floor by sweeping. Your dust mop should be made of soft microfiber as it will protect the floor polish finish. Limit the amount of seepage into the pores of the surface, clean the spills immediately. Leaving it for too long may result in permanent stains and spots.

You can also use pH neutral formulation to remove the soil from the floor easily without damaging its surface. If any stain left unaddressed for too long will dry out and damage the floor on a bigger level.

Before you use any of the cleaning items such as mop and broom on the concrete Floor polishing in Melbourne, ensure that it’s clean and dust-free.

  1. Automatic cleaning equipment

Automatic cleaners are the best but ensure that they are equipped with soft pads that are gentle to the floor but harsh on the stains & dirt. Hard pads can damage the floor and lead to scratches and polish may fade away.  

Ensure that the wheels of automatic cleaning equipment are made of rubber or other soft materials that will prevent scratches and many other damages when used.

You can have the following options with the cleaning pads:

White pads for a soft texture that works perfectly for protecting the gloss of the floor

Beige pads prevent dullness from the polished floors

Other options might not be as good as the above two because they result in etching and scratching on the floor.

Therefore, going with white or beige pads is the right option.

  1. Don’t use damaged substances

Never apply wax to the polished surface as it can cause some permanent damage to the floor.

Even if you are applying it, you might lose the warranty over the floor that your floor installation service provider offered you. Also, the wax will lead to dirt build-up and need to be removed that will make the entire floor dull.

Another thing to avoid is to apply tape on the floor as it also damages the floor. A cleaner that contains acids also damage the polish of a concrete floor. It may also lead to discolouration as well. Only labelled cleaners are suitable for the floor which will not only remove the dirt but will also balance the pH.

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