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When our floor loses their glory and shine, we contact one of the best Timber Floor Sanding Contractors in Melbourne from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Company to revert its original condition. But when you explore the market, you find two words related to sanding service that are ductless sanding service and sandless refinishing.

If you want to know the difference between these two methods, then you should only reach at Floor Sanding Experts In Melbourne to get the exact answer. Many people think these two methods are the same, and it delivers service with the same result. But is this information correct? You should find out reasons by comparing both ways.

So, every doubt about both the methods will clear after reading our blog, let’s start our comparison.

  • Overview of Floor Sanding and refinishing services

To add glory and elegance in your home, you install timber floor with perfect Timber Floor Installation In Melbourne services. But after some time it loses original shine which can restore by refinishing services. In the sanding process, a sander will be sanded it with 3times finer and finer grits. After that, it reaches the actual wood colour and shine level.

Whether you want to change your floor colour, then you can satin it, and if you love neural beauty, then you can go with the simple sanding process.

  • Ductless Sanding

But the problem occurs when sanding creates lots of dust at home which make your house messy, and furniture becomes dirty. This situation happens in year’s ago, but now the situation is changed. Many companies offer ductless floor sanding services due to advance technology and the latest equipment.

Don’t mislead this word ductless because 100% dustless sanding is not possible. The reason is equipment which has a vacuum suction tube; it absorbs most of the dust. So, your room or carpet area does not suffer from the messy condition. But don’t assume that any amount of dust spreads. Whatever dirt remains, it will cover. So, if you have an allergy from dust or having asthma problem, then it will be a good option for you.

  • Sandless Refinishing

On the other hand, sandless refinishing is a very different method, in this, you do not sand your floor, but you just do screening or buffing. With this process, you add a clear coat of polyurethane at the top level of the floor. In the sandless refinishing you not get colour changing option to your floor because you do not change your floor polishing, you just add another layer on an existing one.  

If you have scratched floor, discoloured area, losing shaded will not repair with sandless refinishing methods. Sandless refinishing is like you done nail polishing on your nail, which not change the nail colour, but it is the only outer screen.

If you take sandless refinishing due to it not produce dust or not give more hassle, then you should rethink about your requirement. Without knowing the purpose of both things, you should not select anyone for your home.


When your floor is damaged and it loses its original shine and shade, then you should call Timber Floor Sanding Contractors In Melbourne from Total Floor Sanding And Polishing company and get ductless sanding service. On the other hand, if you need an extra coat on your floor, then you should adopt sandless refinishing services.