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Has it happened with you that you visited a friend’s or a relative’s house and noticed the amazing wooden floor after he or she got the job of Floor Sanding Melbourne done? It would be the same floor which would have been just like an eyesore earlier.

This is the amazing difference that a good quality surface job can make to your flooring and the look of the room. Some people even do it on their own while other prefer handing the job to a professional company. Irrespective of the way you follow, below are some very easy tis for ensuring that you get best possible results.


Knowing about the machinery

Just like cutting grass, you would require 2 different sanders for completing the job, one for the main area and other for the edges. Do not be tempted to first cut down the costs by employing a machine which isn’t top of range as you might end up having dust everywhere. The top of range machines have integral collection of dust so that you are virtually dust-free.

As you will have to frequently change the sand paper go for best sander rather than drum roller type, as they are very easy to manage. In case you are not planning to does it on your own just make sure that you ask the potential Floor Sanding Melbourne companies about the machinery, processes as well as products?

If you are planning to take the do it on your own route, then ne aware of the fact that the most common mistake people make is staying too long in a single place with the sanding machine. So try to be as fluid with the machine as possible.

Types of wood that require special consideration

Pine wood gives the appearance of a deceptively flat that signifies that without correct equipment and tools you might end up dipping in the middle of the flooring boards/

While sanding

Using 24 grits sand paper first, get a feel of the machine; remember that you should not hang around at one spot for a very long time. Always try sanding with grain and definitely not against it. Turning at the edges of the rooms need to be done very carefully keeping movements continuous. These things are very important for Floor Polishing Melbourne.

As and when you see that you’re down to a new log of wood, you might wish to use the edges sander for skirting the boards as well as other parts which you might not have been able to reach with main machine.
Just change and then repeat the whole process of Floor Polishing Melbourne with 40 grits, 80 grits and 120 grits. Then you will have to Hoover the surface completely and then leave it for a couple of hours before repeating the process of sanding.


Floor Sanding Melbourne demands some important things to be kept in mind. These things will help in getting the task easily and quickly.