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Due to the movement of furniture, dogs, and other daily living habits, timber floors will show signs of wear and tear. Working with Experts in Floor Sanding in Melbourne to inspect and repair normal wear and tear is a wonderful place to start when it comes to timber floor sanding and polishing.

We are the leading Top Timber floor sanding and polishing services company in Melbourne, and work hard from start to finish to create your fantasy lustrous and shiny timber floor. Depending on your desired outcome, our floor sanders and polishers will give your timber floors a fresh yet timeless look. It could be a restoration project to change the colour or finish treatment, or it could be a case where the carpeting has been removed and the goal is to restore its beauty. 

Before you begin the sanding and polishing process, be aware of the following aspects that may have an impact on your sanding results.

## Wood Type and Quality

You’ll need to figure out what kind of wood was utilised for the flooring originally. You simply cannot begin without first determining the type of wood used. While Mahagony and Jarrah trash can be tough to arrange, Oak and walnut woods are simple to restore. When it comes to sanding is particularly important to know overall and ensures a complete history of the floor, so that issues that arise in the future can be efficiently handled.

## Grits that are abrasive

The most critical component of the sanding process is to follow a precise grit sequence. Make sure you start with abrasive grits and work your way up to finer ones. With abrasive sandpaper, begin removing wood polish, paints, and other coatings. Avoiding sandpaper waste will be easier with a predetermined grit sequence. When people do not use grits correctly, they waste a lot of sandpaper. Keep in mind that the grit procedure will be heavily influenced by the type of wooden flooring you have. So be careful not to destroy the look of your hardwood floor by using improper grits.

## Using the Right Equipment 

Sanding and polishing hardwood floors is labour-intensive and time-consuming. If you can’t get our Experts in Floor Sanding in Melbourne to do this, there is a high probability that your floor will break down.  They are well trained in handling sanding equipment such as detail sanders, sandpaper, floor sanders, floor edge sanders, vacuums, protective gear, heavy extension cords and much more. Although store-bought machines are portable, they do not have the same working efficiency as those used by professionals. Because of this, your focus should be on getting the right people with the right equipment to sand your hardwood floor.

Final Words,

Bring your hardwood floor back to life by sanding and polishing hardwood floors to give it a refined and elegant look. When you work with Experts in Floor Sanding in Melbourne, the longevity of your beautiful hardwood floor depends on the quality of the wood and the protective coating used. Engage with top floor sanding and polishing services companies in Melbourne and get the right flooring that can completely transform the look of your space.